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Insurance Claims For a Car


If you have faithfully paid on your insurance premium and you now find that you have to submit a car insurance claim, there is no reason to be apprehensive about the process. An insurance claim for a car is a request from the insured to the insurer to cover a bill. The only insurance claim you will not submit yourself is when you have life insurance, as your family will do so on your behalf. Instead, if your car is damaged or if you are admitted to hospital after a severe car accident are all serious situations in which you will need to submit a claim form for your insurance company to pay for the damage to your car and any other cars that needs to be repaired after the accident.

The first thing you will need to do is discover the process for submitting insurance claims. Some insurance companies only use paper claims, whereas other companies will allow you to use both paper and online methods to submit a claim. In some instances, you can telephone an insurance company and have someone take your details. They will then transfer the necessary information to the claims department for you.

Once you know the process that you insurance company allows for sending in claims, you can begin to gather information. The whole point of the claims process is to show the insurance company why they will need to give your money for damage to your car or any car repairs. The insurance company might be reluctant to do so and you will need to give a convincing argument. You can rely on a lot of evidence to support your claim. There is evidence such as eye-witness statements, a police report and a doctor’s report. The police report should show the full details of the car accident, while the doctor’s report can help show any injuries you received during the car accident.


Other evidence you would like to submit can be as simple as writing a letter of what happened. You can even take pictures of your car. In some cases, the insurance company will want to see and inspect the car if it has been in an accident. This is all part of the process for car claims and there is never enough proof you can submit for your insurance claim.

Keep a copy of all the information you submit for your insurance claim as you will need this in case there is a dispute with the insurance company. In most cases, the insurance company will pay out on valid insurance car claims.

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In conclusion, to have a car insurance claims approved, you will need to start investigating the process that your insurance company will use to accept these claims. It might be as simple as clicking a few buttons online to more detailed as filling out a complex claim form. With every claim submission, keep a copy of all the supporting documents that you submit to the insurance company for your car insurance claims.

By SLD Clarke, published at 04/05/2012
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