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Where to find information on micheal jackson criminal cases

Published at 01/21/2012 07:27:18

Where to find information on Michael Jackson criminal cases

There has been a lot of excitement and euphoria around the stories of Michael Jackson’s criminal cases. Both web articles and newspapers have given the Jackson criminal cases a lot of media attention. There are various ways one can access this information should they be in dire need of the facts.

Step 1

The easiest source is online: This is free, easy and convenient. There are several news websites that provide archived information on the Michael Jackson criminal cases. One of these is the fox news website that has an entire page dedicated to this story. You can even check categories or names of the cases by looking up Michael Jackson vs. the accuser’s name. Additionally, many online news websites and mainstream international media house’s websites will have the stories on Michael Jackson criminal cases under their hard news section or court reporting stories.

Step 2

Documentaries: There are entertainment news channels that have recorded the entire career profile of Michael Jackson, and his brothers as they were in the Jackson Five group. These documentaries are aired in entertainment channels such as E! They will give an insightful account of Michael Jackson and the Jackson criminal cases that were levelled against him in court in the course of his career. This is not only entertaining but informative, for the viewer as well. One of the most popular documentaries that highlight the Jackson criminal cases is the Martin Bashir documentary called, “Living with Michael Jackson, that aired in 2003.

Step 3

Biographies: These are books chronicling the account of Michael Jackson’s life from birth to the day he died. They are a great source of information for the pop singer’s life and would provide an authoritative insight into how the cases played out in court. Some of the biographies clearly state how some of the out of court settlements were arrived at between Michael Jackson and his some of his accusers. An example is the biography in Amazon, An Exceptional Journey which has both words and pictures. Some of these bios are also found online on websites like, › People,, this is the official Michael Jackson Website. The Jackson Criminal cases are illustrated here as well.

Step 4

Criminal cases blogs: This is the fourth source you want to be looking at, since the Michael Jackson criminal cases were granted so much publicity in the world wide web. The criminal cases blogs are written by seasoned and professional lawyers who are aware of the intricacies of court proceedings. They break down the cases into categories and provide sufficient information of the evidence presented, the lawyers used and such like details. An example of such websites that blog about criminal cases are:, the Criminal Defense blog will also have information of how these Jackson criminal cases played out in court, even up to his death.


In conclusion, we are sure the information in the public domain may not portray every single detail of the Jackson criminal cases. However, the leads given above should suffice to guide any researcher with interest in Michael Jackson’s case files.

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