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How to make donation

Published at 02/10/2012 14:58:33


How to make a donation

Many of us have been in the situation where a little help could take us a long way. There have also been other times when we have had more than we needed and wished to give something back to others. For this situation we may wish to give a donation to others so that we can help them in their time of need. Going about making a donation can seem daunting at times, but rest assured there are many ways to help those around you.





Step 1

One way to make a help is to give a donation to large, well-known charities such as the Red Cross, Salvation Army, or UNICEF. These are just a few charities out of thousands that make it very easy to give a donation. Many times these organizations have websites where you can donate online right from the comfort of your home.

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These charities also seek out donations in ways such as the Salvation Army’s red kettle that is often seen outside of stores near the holidays or Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF in which people go from house to house and Halloween asking for a donation.

Step 3

You can also find websites such as or where you can find local charities or even charities around the world in which to make a donation. These sites make it very easy to get involved in your community and see what help there is right in your own back yard. These sites also offer free advice to potential donators so that they can attempt to avoid giving to false charities.

Step 4

A donation of your money is not the only way to help out those in need. There are also many other opportunities to give back in the form goods. There a many organizations that will accept donated cars, regardless of condition, and fix them back up to present to those in need. A person could also make a donation of blood to a local blood bank as a way to help those who need blood for a variety of medical reasons. Donating clothing or unused items to shelters or organization such as Goodwill also provides a great relief to those in need because the items are often resold at a very low price. The money gained from these purchases if often put back into the community in the form of job training or other assistance.

Step 5

Donating one’s own personal time is also a great way help out. There are many organizations that accept volunteers as a way to supplement their full-time staff. Local places such as homeless shelters often accept volunteers to help serve food or help in the kitchen. Even places such as historic homes will often accept volunteers to work around the house, take care of the grounds, or give tours. People may use this donation of time as a way to build experience in a future career field they wish to get into.

The traditional way to think of a donation is to think of giving money, but there are many opportunities to give a donation of time and unused items also. Making a donation has become easier than ever and many charities welcome the help. Doing a simple search on the internet can lead you to a vast array of places where you can help those around you.


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