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How To Place Your House For Rent

Published at 01/25/2012 22:52:08


People invest in real estate because the returns are very high on it. There are many who have more than one house which they give on rent to earn handsome income. The income generated through rent is usually very high and it allows the property owner to live a very good lifestyle.

Step 1

If you are owner of many houses then to place your house for rent, you should approach a property consultant. Property consultant will charge you some amount for helping you to get a client for renting your house. More than 90 percent of the houses that are given on rent are through the property consultants.

If you don’t want to pay anything to place your house for rent then opt for advertising. You can advertise in newspapers and also on the internet to get response from people interested in getting a house on rent. On the internet there are many free classifieds, so you don’t have to pay anything even for advertising.

Step 2

To place your house for rent through free classifieds on the internet, you need to first register on various classified sites and than advertise on all of them to increase the chances of getting client for your house. There are many people who use free classifieds to put their house on rent.

The best way to place your house for rent is to do mouth publicity through your neighbors, relatives and friends who can get few clients for renting your house. Mouth publicity works more so because whenever during a conversation someone talks about looking for a house on rent than these people come in handy and they do pitch for you which help’s in getting a client for renting your house.

Step 3

You can also place a board outside your house to let people know that your house has been put on rent. This is a very good way to get client for your house. You should clearly mention your contact number on the board so that the prospective client can get in touch with you.

If you are very desperate to place your house for rent then you can advertise through billboards across various streets. You can also advertise through cable TV channels to attract clients. If you are owner of a housing complex with many houses to be rented than you can advertise your property on TV during primetime to attract many people.


To place your house for rent, always make sure to verify the background of the person to whom you are giving your house on rent. It is better to do police verification. Always make a leave license contract for a year while giving house for rent. To attract more people keep rent according to the market demand or else no one would take your house on rent. Make sure that your house is in great shape and has all the amenities so that people who come to check your house get fascinated with it and they immediately take it on rent. Believe me renting a house is a very good way to earn healthy income.