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Tips And Ideas For To Houses

Published at 02/04/2012 09:37:21


If it's your first time to buy a house, you will come across hundreds of structures that will spark your interest and attention. These will also come with relative prices and sales agents that vary depending on the location. You have to identify the main characteristics that constitute your dream home. Also, prepare your budget and write down all other features that you need to have. Here are some things you can do to houses for added benefits.

Step 1

The Size of the Family

When looking for the perfect home for your family, count the total immediate family members. This will help you determine how many rooms are needed. Ideally, there should be one master's bedroom for the couple, and then one room for each child. If your budget is somewhat limited, you can also get one room for the boys and another for the girls. Add rooms to houses later on as they grow older or when you have the budget. It is also recommended to have one spare room which will serve as the guest room. Knowing the full size of the family staying in the home will determine the size of the house you need to buy.

Step 2

The Location

Do you prefer to live in the city or an urban setting or in the country or suburban community? Houses in the suburbs are cheaper when bought and more affordable to maintain. These are also usually newer compared to city setups. The possible drawbacks include long drives. A house in the city is close to various establishments where you can get needed items quickly. There are also more period homes that feature very unique styles and facades. You don't have to drive every time because stores, schools and churches are can be walked to. Some of the possible drawbacks include price, noise and high crime rates.

Step 3

The Layout

Find out how many stories you need for the home. A single-story house is best if you are entering retirement or if there are elderly individuals living with you. This is also easier to clean and maintain. Two-story houses are more ideal for suburban setups. These provide more privacy and are less noisy especially if you have a big family. Split levels can also be added to houses, which feature high ceilings, unfinished lower levels and special rooms like an entertainment room or office to houses.

Get the total square footage of the entire lot and the interior or floor square footage and outdoor square footage to houses. City homes do not usually have the luxury of having a front lawn or backyard. Suburban setups give families more freedom to add amenities and outdoor structures like playgrounds, a garden or a pool to houses.


It's best to look at the amenities affixed to houses to determine if these are still functional or need replacement. If the house is already furnished, check the kitchen and bathroom appliances and fixtures. Make sure that the condition is still good, particularly ovens, refrigerators, showers and heaters. If the house is not furnished, check the plumbing, ventilation and electrical wirings. Also go outside to see if there are any signs of damage from rain, flood, earthquakes and erosion.

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