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How To Find Houses To Share

Houses to Share

Finding houses to share is a solution many people with limited budgets are choosing. Often college students and those out on their own for the first time look for houses to share. However, even those who have families are deciding to share their home with others looking for houses to share. Often this is an option for those who own a home that is larger than the needs of their family. Perhaps, a grown child has moved out, or there may have been a divorce. For this reason an extra room is rented out in their home. This is also a way to be able to live in a nicer house in a better area for those on budget. Sharing the expenses helps all involved in houses to share.

Step 1

  • Check local community bulletin boards. Those who have houses that they are looking to share will often post notices around the community. You can also place your own notice that you are looking for houses to share.
  • Read Craigslist ads for those looking for room mates for houses to share. Again, as with the bulletin board, you can place your own ad for houses to share also.
  • Ask around. Letting friends and family members know that you are looking for houses to share could lead to you getting a great place.

Step 2

  • Determine how many people you would like to have living with you.
  • Look for houses to share available for rent that have enough bedrooms for the amount of people you would like to living with you.
  • Speak to the landlord about renting the house. Be sure that you specify that you are looking for houses to share so the landlord knows that others will be living with you.

Step 3

  • Interview potential roommates. Be sure that you are compatible as far as schedules and beliefs.
  • Draw up a contract specifying the money that must be paid towards rent and utilities.

Step 4

  • Note any house rules that are agreed to. These could be about overnight guests, food, and common areas. The more through the contract the better it will be for all concerned.


When looking for houses to share be sure that the house is large enough for the number of roommates. In addition to one bedroom for each roommate, you will also want to find something with enough bathrooms. When living with roommates, you will want to have more than one bath on your list of must have items when shopping for houses to share. A good sized living room and kitchen are also a plus.

Discuss ahead of time items that will be used in common areas of the home. Things such as television and furniture. You do not want to find four sofas at the house on moving in day.

Take your time. Do not rush into a situation with houses to share, be sure that you are happy with the house and the area. Also be sure that you can get along with the roommates and that your schedules will work well together. Taking time to think things through now will save you from issues later.

By Jailynns Grandma, published at 02/08/2012
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