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7 Tips To Rent Houses Flats

Published at 01/26/2012 16:58:28

House rental

Today, one of the most lucrative industries in the world is the real estate industry because more and more people are buying and renting both private and commercial buildings and shops. Being in the real estate industry is not easy especially when you do not know how to make this work out for you. For instance most people rent houses flats without going through the right measures of renting which lands them in so much trouble. Continue reading this article for some best tips to rent houses flats.

Step 1

7 tips to rent houses flats

• Make sure you have a tenancy agreement drafted by your attorney to meet all regulations of the town in which you live in. tenancy agreements are the best and first document that a tenant must read before paying any amount of money to a landlord.
• Make sure you feel right about the tenant you rent houses flats to because if you do not like the tenant in a first glance and by speaking to him or her for a while, it will be best not to rent your house out to them. Also make sure that you feel comfortable with the culture or religion of the person in order for both of you to be able to live in unity.
• Make sure you are certain about the tenant and also do not take the tenants documentations, identifications lightly because you do not want to have a criminal or immigrant with no papers in your home. You can verify the tenant’s particulars with the Human Resource company the tenant is working with or through the MOM or even the ICA.
• Make sure the house is in the best of condition before you rent it out to prevent any issues where the lives of tenants are concerned. Also make sure you hire the services of contractors that are credible to work on your flats should in case there is a problem.
• Do not be surprised if you come across tenants who will want to pay higher rental fees in exchange for additional requirements to the lease package. For instance a tenant might decide to pay higher rentals but will like to leave the landlord in charge of all house repairs and maintenance.
• Make sure you are very urgent with issues with repairs where the house is considered to prevent any dangers.
• Do not disturb your tenant by using spare keys to enter their rooms or trying to create some kind of awkward situations for them like little arguments.

Planning towards house rental
• To find some of the best tenants, you can decide to seek the help of a real estate agency and a credible one as such.

Some tips to make sure you rent houses flats in peace
• Never take a tenancy agreement for granted even if you are renting house flats to your family member, friend or colleague.
• Keep proper records of all costs where repairs and other issues are considered beause they might be needed some time to come.


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