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Best Time To Travel For Jamaica Flights To Florida


Are You a Jamaican and planning to travel from Jamaica to Florida? Well, traveling to Florida is usually cheaper than any other state in the USA. The climate in Florida is similar to the climate in Jamaica. Florida is known as the sunshine state and during winter time, people always travel from other states just to get away from the cold and enjoy the warmth of Florida. If your Jamaica flight to Florida is for business, like buying wholesale clothing apparels or accessories, then have no fear. You can travel to Florida anytime of the year to purchase clothing items that can be worn in Jamaica. When booking your flights from Jamaica to Florida, always check frequently online for the best prices. Air Jamaica is the known carrier that departs from Jamaica to Florida. You can make your reservation ahead of your estimated departure date for flight from Jamaica to Florida. Most airline companies offer a low fare if you book flights from Jamaica to Florida or any other country at least three weeks before.


Overnight flights and stop over flights are usually cheaper. Booking flights from Jamaica to Florida in advance, will secure a seat on the plane just in case the plane is packed. The airline company usually charges in the currency that you book your flights from. When traveling from Jamaica always book a returning flight instead of one way. If you decide to change your returning date, then you would have to pay a fifty dollars non-refundable fee. It is very easy to book flights from Jamaica to Florida using your debit or credit card; you can also pay with cash at the airport. There are eighteen international airports in Florida, so you can choose the closest one to your destination.


Most major airlines only make stops at Miami airport, Orlando and Fort Lauderdale. Ensure that you have someone to pick you up from your Jamaica flights to Florida; you don't want to be stranded. It takes approximately three and half hours to travel from Jamaica to Florida, and then you have to check through customs, which can take another hour. That can be rather tiresome and frustrating at times, if there is no one outside waiting for you to take you home, you may have to take the shuttle to the train station and take a train home. Whatever your choice of transportation from the airport in Florida to your destination, you will be happy you are in Florida.

Tips and comments

You can have fun on your Jamaica flights to Florida. Most carriers have television and radio with headsets for your entertainment. Food is also provided; some airlines provide champagne or a drink of your choice. Try to be in a relaxing mood on your Jamaica flights to Florida, especially if you are visiting Florida for the first time. Tallahassee is the capital of Florida and there are many sceneries and adventures to explore in Florida. Florida is home for the Florida Gators, which is a basketball team.

By Charm Treleven, published at 03/13/2012
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