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Travel Tips For Family Vacations To Jamaica


Jamaica is a place for adventures, beaches, family outings and wellness too hence family vacations Jamaica are always fun filled. The best time to go is in the early months of the year that is from December to March. Here are some of the best destinations which should be visited in Jamaica.


Jamaica is place where the whole family can have fun. it is a place where there are beaches, forests, gardens and natural parks. Family vacations Jamaica are fun as the whole family enjoys at this place. There are natural parks for the nature lovers, exciting beach games and activities for those who love adventure and water sports. Their are a number of waterfalls which give a breath of freshness to the place. Above all this mountaineering is also quite prevalent because of the numerous hills which encircle the  beautiful city.

Family Vacations Jamaica is an exciting avenue and many tourist visit here every year and enjoy the beaches and hiking activities. sometimes the locals are said to attack some tourists so one must be careful while visiting Jamaica.


Some of the destinations which are helpful for family vacations Jamaica

Blue Mountains in Kingston

The Blue Mountains forest is a treat to the adventurous spirit. If you want to visit the forest do not forget to capture the beauty of the mountains and its greenery. A good place for family vacations Jamaica

Mystic Mountain

Here people come to have an out of the world forest adventure. From this mountain you can view the rainforests, the shores and also the town of Jamaica.

Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

If you are a lover of the gamme of golf you cannot resist to be here. A large panoramic view engulfs you in its beauty and from 2 to 3 holes you can have an awesome view of the Caribbean sea also.

Half Moon Beach, Negril

This place is a beauty in itself. Located at around 2000 feet above in the St Ann hills the view from here is spectacular. Zip wires help the tourist to see the spread valleys across the area.

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary in Wiltshire

This bird sanctuary beckons people as well as the beautiful birds who are a major centre of attraction. Visitors throng to feed the birds. The birds are of all types and have beautiful coloured feathers. The entry includes complimentary drinks too.

Some other places to visit are:

  • Reach Falls
  • YS Falls : this is a beautiful water fall which is by the Black River. Here many tourists come for picnics.
  • Negril Cliffs: These are some of the best cliffs and are used as backdrop for many movies too.l
  • Seven Mile Beach
  • Mayfield Falls
  • Blue Hole Mineral Spring
  • White River
  • Frenchman's Cove
  • Dunn's River Falls
  • Bloody Bay

Tips and comments

  • Jamaica is a place of all round fun but also be careful of the locals there.
  • Carry enough sun screen lotion in order to escape tanning

Family vacations Jamaica is fun to go so one should visit there at least once.

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