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Types Of Construction New Business Owners Often Choose


Construction basically means building infrastructure. There are different types of construction that businesses can choose from. All work is undertaken and managed by a construction team. This includes the project manager and other important personnel such as the engineer, designer and the architect. There are several considerations with regard to construction new businesses must take into account. If you are beginning from scratch you firstly need to think of site planning. This essentially entails selecting the right locality for your new business to run. This would include such details and specifications as the kind of soil, the weather conditions, the traffic in the area etc.

It is a legal necessity that you follow all codes of construction. Every country has their own set of codes of construction new businesses need to be aware of. These codes of construction have been formed and updated over time by nation states and are in accordance with the needs of particular regions. For example construction codes in Pakistan were changed after a massive earthquake hit the country. In mountainous localities the new businesses were forbidden to construct high rise buildings. Construction is an integral part of the field of civil engineering. Construction took place as early as 4000 BC but it was only in the 18th century that the term “civil engineering” was introduced.

The mode and styles of construction new businesses choose will in part determine the success of their venture. A few of the type of construction new businesses often choose are as follows: A fire resistive construction ensures great safety. This is because fire is confined by the construction of the building. This more or less comprises of a concrete and steel construction. The roofing of the building would also be of any of these two materials. Steel and concrete are non-combustible and hence are used for fire resistive construction. There is another type of construction new businesses can opt for which is similar to the fire- resistive construction in all aspects except that the roofing is made of combustible material. This can be done for the purpose of water proofing. The brick and joist structure is another kind of construction new businesses can choose. The entire structure including the roof is made of wood or some other combustible material except for the walls. The walls are made of bricks. Fire-retardant wood can be used to increase safety and to comply with construction codes. Another type of construction is one where the entire structure (wall, floor, roof and interior) is made of wood. This is the most combustible type of construction. You can add a fire protection coating or cover to this structure.


The decisionmaking process of any new business with regard to the type of construction most often involves extensive online research. If you search online you will be able to find a number of construction websites. Going through these saves them both time and money.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/20/2012
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