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5 Ideas For a Construction Birthday Party


A construction themed birthday party provides plenty of opportunities for creativity. Although these parties are usually geared toward boys, you want activities and decorations that will be enjoyed by party goers of both genders. The party store will stock some of the items necessary for a successful construction birthday party, but you may also find just the right items at your local hardware store.


Step 1

Host your construction birthday party outside. While a actual construction site isn't a great place to have a party, a local park or the back yard is, especially if it features a sandbox. You can also create an indoor sandbox if you must have your construction birthday party indoors. Fill a kid's plastic swimming pool with sandbox sand. Set the box up in an area where you can easily clean up the mess, since some sand will spill out. You can also set the sandbox up on a tarp to catch any spills. Add some inexpensive sandbox toys and construction vehicle toys so the party goers can enjoy their own personal construction site.

Step 2

Make a dump truck cake for the construction birthday party. Use a large plastic dump truck to hold the cake. You must wash and dry it thoroughly. Place a chocolate sheet cake inside, or make one of the Mississippi mud style cakes where you mix crumbled cake crumbs and frosting or whipped cream together. If you frost the cake, cover the frosting layer with a layer of crumbled chocolate cookies to resemble dirt. You can also add smaller construction vehicle toys to the top of the cake for further decoration.

Step 3

Substitute hard hats for party hats. Use kid size construction birthday party hats that are made of plastic. Sturdy hats are available at toy stores, while party supply stores sell less expensive versions made of thinner plastic. You can decorate the birthday child's hat with stickers that say “foreman” or you an write each child's name on their hat with letter stickers or permanent marker. You can also make or buy child size orange safety vests for each child to wear at the construction birthday party.

Step 4

Caution tape makes a theme appropriate decoration for a construction birthday party. You can buy spools of caution tape at home improvement stores. Use it as streamers or to hang yellow and black balloons from the ceiling. You can also tape the caution tape to a plain tablecloth to create a theme appropriate border for the party. Use strips of tape to block of doors, above kid height, or stretch it over walls and furniture. For an outdoor party at a park, cordon off the area around the party location with the construction tape.

Step 5

Use a miniature plastic or wooden toolbox for the party favor holder at the construction birthday party. Fill the box up with construction themed goodies, such as small toy construction cars, plastic toy tools and theme appropriate stickers. You can also use miniature construction cones to hold favors. Turn the cone upside down and place the favors inside.

By Jenny Ross, published at 02/21/2012
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