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Great Places For Kids Birthday Parties

Published at 01/01/2012 12:29:34



For most parents, the idea of hosting their child’s birthday party is one that causes great stress and anxiety. A house, full of energetic children, and the subsequent cleaning up of broken ornaments, mopping of floors and attempting to get stains out of expensive carpets, is enough to make anyone shudder. But there are a number of great places for kids’ birthdays that will save you the stress and worry of hosting a birthday in your own home. There are many options available for you to choose from and below are some of the great ideas you may need to consider;



Depending on the age of your child, a trip to see their favorite animated movie, complete with popcorn, cold drink and sweets, is a great idea for a kids birthday party. This one is simple and not very expensive and you can afford to treat even more than ten kids all at once. Or why not take them to a pantomime or theatre show, especially for kids. Most places, regardless of where you stay, stage these shows, geared towards children, and it’s a fun way of introducing them to the world of theatre. They will definitely love this idea even if they are not so much into music.


If your children are at an age where sitting still for prolonged periods of time, may be a problem, a trip to the circus,zoo or an animal park, may be a better idea, and is a great place for a kids birthday party. They will get to see different animals and birds around the zoo. This one will be such an experience as it may probably be their first time to go to the zoo. The experience of getting to see those animals will be great for them.



10 pin bowling is another great place for your child’s birthday party. Older children will appreciate the competitiveness, the music, the food and cold drinks all in a safe and fun environment. You do not have to worry about security issues in this case.


Another good idea for older children would be to spend the day at a theme park. Most of the larger cities have these, and they are ideal places to have your kid’s birthday party. With the host of rides, fun games and restaurants available, the children will be kept entertained for the whole day. If you have one such park in your area then you may need to find out how you can book in advance.

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Other great places for kid’s birthday parties include restaurants that cater especially for children’s birthday parties, complete with face painting, jungle gyms, jumping castles and other entertainment. There are a multitude of places that are ideal for this. Or, if you stay close to a beach, or even a park, why not take the children there for the day? Both are great places for a kids birthday party, with plenty of space for games, and even a picnic. They will definitely have the time of their life.


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