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6 Tips You Must Know About Management Marketing


Management marketing represents an ensemble of activities and techniques having as a purpose knowing the material and spiritual demands of the society, but also organizing the economic and social processes in conditions of maximum quality and efficiency.

Step 1

The functions of management marketing are diverse, such as investigating the market and the consumption necessities, satisfying the superior needs of the citizens, and also maximizing the economic efficiency of profit.

Step 2

Considering the level of organization, management marketing is divided into two major branches, micromarketing and macro marketing.

Step 3

Marketing appeared and developed on the social and economic dimensions of the modern world, and it was encouraged by several changes appeared in this field. For example, the development of the production forces and the demographic mutations allowed people the access to a large gamma of products. Some of those products are only promoted by their names. For example, names like Coca Cola, Facebook and General Motors don’t need any kind of presentation, but this does not mean that management marketing can’t be applied to promote the name of such companies. However, as there are many quality products on the market that is not known by the clients because of the reduced brand awareness of those products, marketing is responsible in highlighting the qualities of those products.

Step 4

Management marketing helped the economy and industry in different ways, encouraging the improvements of working conditions, developing the economic and international relationships, but also the creation of the international trading networks we know today.

Step 5

A manager that is interesting in enlarging his area of interests might want to attend a course of management marketing. However, as there are different types of industries, the marketing required for those branches is also different. Therefore, you can apply the management marketing techniques in services, retail, production, agriculture and in the political area, and every type of this marketing has its characteristics.

Tip 6

The management marketing courses are designed for the students to understand the competition in the area of marketing. The competition is an ensemble of reports between different economic agents, in their fight to ensure the supplying resources. The competition is a rule of the game, stimulating an increased quality of the offered services. Management marketing can not only be considered as a method to promote products, as marketing is referred to company research, material resources and market study. The macro-environment is considered the political and economical climate where the respective company operates, while the micro marketing is applied at the level of the company, having as purpose to promote a product of the company and to increase the brand awareness of the company on its corresponding market. The functions of management marketing are diverse. Its main purpose is to know and understand the market and its potential when it comes to consumption needs, the behavior of the clients, and also to connect the company in the social and economical environment. Another role of marketing is to report and connect the activity of the company to the economic and social environment where the activity of the company takes place.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/22/2012
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