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What You Need To Know About Software Management

Published at 02/06/2012 20:05:55

Effective Software Management Benefits

Effective Software management benefits the company in different ways. It can make the employees more effective and saves money and time. It also keeps information and software consistent right through the business and helps to adjust easily to the changes in the industry. Softwares constitute twenty five percent of the funds of information technology. Cost controlling is the most important part in software management. Purchases of software and up gradation of those softwares can be done in a controlled way by which the enormous spending and unpredictable costs can be avoided. Organized upgrade policy makes sure that the complete business can be kept progress with the standards of industry and improvement in technology.

Illegal Software Usage Risks

Illegal software usage puts the company at risk and serious consequences have to be faced. Licensed copy of software can be used only in a single computer, although provisions are there to create a copy for the backup in case of any natural disasters. Software publishers provide their genuine customers with different services like problem notification, documentation, service support, repairs, training and upgrades. A genuine copy makes sure that a quality product is obtained and you can become the legal owner of the software. Most of the benefits are not provided in a software copy which is illegal. In case of company, security policies should be strong and security professionals should be trained enough for better software management.

Proper Software Management

Proper software management can be done by following the rules mentioned. All companies should have their own policy statements and should communicate the goals of the company to employees for benefitting the maximum from the software they use. All the employees of the company needs to accept the policy statement and are ready to bear the consequences once they are violated. After the policies are in place, taking the inventory of the assets is the next step and it includes the name of the product, serial number, version number etc. Once inventory is done, the software’s original copies, documentation and other stuffs should be placed in a secured area. Based on purchase, inventory, upgrades and employee’s input a list of software can be created that permit the employees to utilize. Frequent checks should be performed in computers used by individuals to ensure that illegal software is not installed.

Prevention of Software Piracy

Prevention of software piracy can be taken care by purchasing software with proper license. Software management plays an important role in the prevention of software privacy. In case of legal software, monitoring of workplaces has to be done once the software assets are put in order. The piracy of end-user comes into effect when the employees recreate the software copies without any permission. Usage of a single licensed copy for installing software in one or more computers is one such issue of illegal piracy. Disk copying and the distribution of the software, interchanging the disks in the workplace, getting restricted software for use without having a license and getting benefit of offers for upgrade without having legal copy comes under different forms of end-user piracy. Technologies in product activation which are fast, flexible, non interfering and anonymous can help to get rid of software piracy.


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