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An asset software management package is an integrated system - ERP / CRM / SFA, which includes modules like: program accountants, financial, management, billing, distribution, fixed assets, production, payroll program, cargo booking, tracking contracts, orders, releases, records centers cost, post-calculation, interface fiscal cash registers with bar code readers, mobile equipment to collect field commands, other peripherals (electronic scales), etc..




Versions of asset software management

Asset software management allows working with several companies simultaneously. Records may be kept in dollars and foreign currency (salaries, administration, depreciation, balance). Network operates and monitors the version of the program. Because SQL Server performance (MySQL) that is used, it allows simultaneous access to hundreds of users on local computers (enterprise network) and remote (Internet, dial-up, VPN).

What's new in asset software management

The asset software management program works on a client-server architecture. This allows introduction and retrieval of data remotely via the Internet (cable, wireless or dial-up). This facility is useful for companies that have several offices located in different locations and they want to transfer information in real time - when a document is inserted at one of this locations, it can be viewed in all other locations where necessary.

Accounting firms who keep track of companies whose raw data is processed at the company’s office. The balance and ending balance at the company will avoid transferring accounting data on physical support, as inaccuracies might appear from data received on the disk. In addition, the asset software management will monitor any changes made to his office or at the company that is operating in the same accounting database. All balances, sheets and databases, etc.. are accessible simultaneously for both parties.

Companies that have production and distribution centers in a village or in a big city can monitor the supplies, factory production, and sales distribution point. Managers and salespeople in the field can see the situations directly from their laptops with the Internet connection.


Archive drinkable in ERP

It is useful to companies who want to organize archives in a modern, easy to use, fast central database. However, it is also great for accounting firms, as customers can scan them and ask them to load the program, then the operator opens the scanned document, it counts and inserts it in the program, and finally he attaches the scanned document image sheet. In this way with the help of asset software management it can be easily found by suppliers and customers. Those documents could be invoices, receipts, bank statements, payrolls, contracts. Today, traveling through and between cities has become a real nightmare. With the help of asset software management, you can send documents to accounting firms geographically located at significant distances using only the Internet. Audit and consulting firms will be much easier to verify by a company whose archive is in electronic format.

You can store data in the asset software management, so you can access them from any computer connected to Internet. Instead of buying a server (which brings monthly maintenance costs and power consumption), that must be kept at the office (where it can fall or current Internet connection), you can accommodate the data "cloud" and get rid of problems the rescue, maintenance, upgrade sites, etc.


By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/20/2012
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Asset Software Management Solutions. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.