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If you have a small company in an early stage of development, management capital of work refers to the main aspect on which a contractor should focus his ideas. This part is a very important one in the survival of the company. The reason for that is that every business uses cash and the profitable ones generate cash. The problem is that, usually, cash is first used and then generated. The management capital consists establishing the policy of the capital, but also the way to implement this policy in everyday’s transactions. In management capital it is important to understand what actually floating capital means. It represents the value of the current assets and the net working capital is the difference between the current assets and liabilities.

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The main components in management capital, from a contractor’s point of view are: inventories, receivables, cash resources and expenses in advance. The sizing of current assets is important because they are the ones that keep the turnover at a certain level. The current liabilities, in management capital represents the way were financed those resources, meaning all debts with a due date of less then a year. It includes the providers, the salaries and expanses in advance.

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To be on subject, in the management capital, the policy of the capital implies taking decisions regarding these aspects: how much should you invest in each category of current assets and how should you finance these investments?

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If you want to be a great contractor, you should that the finance of the current assets will grow, once with the turnover, when the firm starts to develop. This is why it is very important that you are familiar with the sales trend and with the effects of these trends on the working capital of your firm.

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The management capital is actually a problem like: the more conservative the firm is, the less short-term credit will low, because the more you use this type of credit the more exposed to risk will your firm be.

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To resume, I really want to say that for a well improved management capital you should always know what happens on the market. That is probably the best advice that anyone could give you. Take any chances you want, but make sure you understand the risks. Always do what you think is best, but be prepared for the worse. It is a tough period for businesses and if you are the one that deals with the management capital in your firm, you must always develop your knowledge.


Don’t be ashamed to ask for opinions or take training courses that could help you keep up with everything. You live and learn! If you become an expert at what you are doing, the risk factor will decrease and you will feel more confident in your powers. Not all is about theory and things you learn in college.

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Only practicing you will learn all the secrets about this job, and you will be good at what you are doing!

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 02/24/2012
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