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Tips And Ideas For Facilities Management


Management Facilities is an interdisciplinary domain, dedicated to the commercial and institutional buildings maintenance, like malls, office buildings, logistic parks, hotels, schools, sports arenas, congress centers. Among its duties there is the maintenance of the air-conditioner systems, electric systems- these being a part of the technical maintenance; housekeeping, pest and vermin control, the decoration, the reception, taking care of the green spaces and security, these are all that management facilities implies. The technical aspects of these services are taken care of System of Building Management.

Step 1

The main purposes of the management facilities is of coordinate and watch the safety of transactions and the maintenance of the costumer’s assets in an efficient manner, regarding the costs so that the value of the building remains high in a long term. An important part is also to make sure that the environment is properly cleaned and safe for the costumers.

Step 2

The technique of good management facilities is to anticipate and solve a problem, before it degenerates. The best thing is to be proactive and not reactionary, in order for the ruling of operations to be perfect in any building. This ability makes the difference between professionalism and mediocrity and that is also what every management facilities want.

Step 3

In the South-Eastern Europe, the concept of management facilities is rather new on the market, so the few companies specialized in this domain coordinate every system from buildings of hundred of squared meters, sometimes just by pushing some buttons. The future of the buildings in that part of the world is in the hand of a few companies, which decided to educate the local market on what does efficient administration means. The services of management facilities refer to the maintenance of a building, as well as to keep the evidence of the contracts made with the contractors or with the security firms.

Step 4

Profile companies do not exclude services like gardening or landscaping. In other words, management facilities represent the interface of a building and the services from which it benefits and it has the purpose to facilitate the realization of these parameters, so that the building’s maintenance costs to be reduced.

Step 5

If you want to be the best in management facilities, you should know that all you have to do is have the spaces occupied and in perfect condition. By administrating buildings, you should obtain the control of the costs, the maximization of the profit and, in the same time keeping the costumers satisfied. You must consider a very important thing to hire only prepared and experimented employees, if you want to have the best management facilities.


The services you offer should be made far help an investor maintain a property, or to help another that has 20 properties. It is not important, as long as your business is succesful.

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If you really want to succeed in management facilities my advice is that you ad to your firm some extra services, such as: rent a car, with or without driver, housekeeping, catering, organization of events, or others.

By Vlad Stanculescu, published at 02/28/2012
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