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Essential Guide To Management


Fancy MBA’s or undergraduate degrees are not necessary for any entrepreneur to make their mark in the business world. All one needs is some good common sense and some basic guidelines to start a small business. Indeed most famous entrepreneurs don’t have MBA’s from any Ivy League business school but rather just had a thirst to succeed and the will to work. Every worker’s guide to management will have certain similar because the formula for successful managing a business is the same throughout, i.e. keep the employees content and motivated because a motivated workforce is one of the most essential in the any successful entrepreneurs guide to management.


Essentially most theories of management both historical and contemporary are centered on managing workers because of the belief the managing workers is the guide to management success. Older hard line theories like those of Weber and Taylor advocate hard-line control on workers and division of labor in tasks respectively, while others talk about motivation, training, and worker contentment. Other modern theories talk about which leadership styles leads to better decision-making. Management has essentially existed since the start of time even before the Industrial Revolution but its importance has generally risen since after it. Innovations like Ford’s assembly line in the early 1900’s and the specialization are what have brought managerial decision-making to the forefront.


A manager’s job is not only to manage people but to guide. A good guide to management puts the manager’s personality on top of the list because it is the primary motivator. As a person a good manger should have confidence in their abilities, excellent communication skills, be trustworthy and most importantly they should make their presence felt because they are leaders. The best manager will always select the best people, the best team always wins. The team must be well motivated, people work for recognition and appreciation and when they get this from the boss their self, it encourages them to work harder. Making money is of course a big part of being successful management; a manager should always keep in mind the budget and never go overboard. Time management is another thing because time is money, making deadlines or paying bills on time will all benefit your business in the long run. A large part of management is maintaining the firm’s goodwill, thus business ethics should be kept in mind, and in fact anything that improves good will like using green technology should be used to promote a better image. Managers should constantly improve themselves; a good manager is dynamic and strives for constant excellence in not others but in their self as well.

Tips and comments

In order to improve your management skills, one should first be open minded and examine one’s own knowledge and then try to improve it. Seminars or books are another way to guide oneself to the successful road to management. Listening and understanding other’s point of view again helps everyone because a subordinate will be able to feel more useful by getting their point across and you will be able to incorporate a good idea into your plan.

By Anushay Q., published at 02/22/2012
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