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10 Amazing Tips For Management Fleet


The management fleet companies can be considered as a complete service provider when it comes to administrating and managing auto parks for companies and public institutions. Moreover, they are also able to give advices to the transporting companies, whether we are talking about goods or people.

Step 1

Usually, it is hard to open such a company. This is because the people that have the idea of founding such a company need vast experience in management fleet, and also excellent financial resources. The mission of management fleet companies is to help clients concentrate on their base activities. They do this by the administration of an auto park, or by operating a daily transportation service for the employees of the company.

Step 2

As for the service of managing fleets of automobiles, the management fleet company will assist the client in choosing the vehicles that are appropriate for their business, and to use them in conditions of maximum security and efficiency, with a minimum cost of operating.

Step 3

The major advantages of collaborating with a management fleet company, are the unique point of contact for all your cars. For the whole duration of the contract, the client has a unique person responsible for the whole park, and this thing eliminates the problems that normally occur for companies that manage the park by themselves.


The management fleet company will issue a single bill every month for all the services operated for the client during the previous month. All the costs generated by the auto park, including the taxes, bills, insurances and repairing are centralized. The invoice is also attached with a report about the details of each element that generated costs for the client.

The budget is totally controlled by the company, and the connection between the client and the management fleet company is made with an application that allows the client to have a permanent connection with the service provider. This way, the client can approve or refuse any of the operations and interventions with a single click. Moreover, using this interface will allow the service provider to ask the client about any required service or intervention needed on the cars.

As the management feet companies usually have signed contracts with a large number of contractors, they are able to offer smaller prices for reparations and interventions on the cars, and those smaller costs are also seen in the final invoice for the client. As long as you pay the services of a professional company to manage your cars, it is normal to benefit of smaller prices for those interventions.

The advanced software solutions used by those companies are able to watch all your vehicles at the same time using the GPS systems, so you would now where your cars are at any given moment. This will be of great help for the logistics department of your company, as they will have the opportunity to direct the cars wherever they are needed, and to find the closest car that could pick up some goods or passengers at any given moment.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/21/2012
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