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Discover 8 Tips For Software Contract Management


Before signing the software contract management between the potential client and the software developer, there is a major stage that has to take place: the preliminary analyze of the business processes of the company. This usually takes the form of an interview with two questionnaires. The main purpose of this analyze is to understand the way the client’s business is organized. This way, the software contract management provided is able to identify the potential work method, and in the limit of the available resources and the objectives of the client, it could cover the pallet of critical necessities of the client.

Step 1

The preliminary analyze of the software contract management is made before signing the contract and it is free, as the clauses of the software contract management are based on the results obtained. This think is owned to the fact that there is a possibility for the software contract management provider to refuse the project from various reasons: the software contract management provider is not specialized in the respective niche or market, or the client doesn’t have the necessary IT resources to sustain such a project. 

Step 2

Another reason would be the incompatibility of the software contract management provider ERP used by the provider with the IT infrastructure of the client.


Step 3

Identifying the work fluxes – it is mandatory for the developer to understand the way the company works, and to foresee the results of the implementation, so he would be able to give to the client a complete analyze of the possible results.

Step 4

Considering the previous step, two results might be obtained: the impossibility to apply the strategy to the respective company, in which case the contract is not signed. If there isn’t such a problem, the parts can sign the software contract management and the work can begin by identifying the specific needs of the client (necessary customizations for the activity to be organized in optimal parameters.

Step 5

The needs of the client must be established using the implementing methodology of the software provider. This way, the provider will have a well-established set of specifications, and the implementing could be conducted without problems (delays or additional unforeseen expenses).

Step 6

Besides reducing the risks of implementing the software contract management, the analyze also allows configuring the expectancies of the beneficiary from the ERP system. 

Step 7

Moreover, by approaching this aspect at the same time, the client will be able to use his resources in an efficient and economical way. The preliminary analyze of the software contract management requires a few steps:

Step 8

Considering the number of people implied in the software contract management on behalf of the company, the key users have to be established. In the case, the number of users is big, a special training session must be agreed by the provider along with the client.


The company has to approach the problem in a technical manner, oriented to the interaction between the systems. From this point of view, the architectures, the systems and the documents must be analyzed by the software contract management provider, and the conclusions obtained here will be considered as the fundamental basis of the future project.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/23/2012
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