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Great Advice For Management Software Asset


The role of a business analyst is vital for any company, and the success of a project depends on the skills the analyst has in using the management software asset of the company. There are many controversies about this matter. The useful management software asset for a company is sometimes expensive, so the software asset has to obtain performances with a limited quantity of resources. This is why, after a failed project, the business analyst will blame the programs, while the company will hold the business analyst as responsible. If you want to avoid those problems within your company, it is a great idea to invest in software asset, but also in some good business analysts that are able to obtain results with any kind of resources put at their disposal.


During the business analyze stage, the needs of the client has to be identified with the management software asset, in order to find solutions to the existing problems. The business analyst appears during the whole life cycle of the project, understanding and anticipating the needs of the client, documenting and organizing the requests. Moreover, this employee is the main communicational factor between the client and the implementing team. The business analyst must always put questions, choosing the right answers and using them effectively with the software asset.


Highlighting and forming the business rules is a critical stage during the analyze process, and the business model has to be clearly understood, at a general and micro level. Every business rule can be considered as a part of a family, therefore it must be formulated and conceived according to the rules of the respective family. Of course, the proposed solutions must be analyzed with the software asset before being sent to the manager for approval.

The best management software asset is able to help the business analyst to find out some things about the business, and to separate the way things happen from the way things should happen. The software asset is a useful tool that can create useful processes and functions for the company. The program starts from the “as is” processes, and its purpose is to create “to be” processes. In simple words, the program starts from the resources that already exist within the company, and the purpose is to create some new and effective processes. However, for a successful analyze, it is important to identify all the needed details, and to transform the resources into useful data for the company.

Tips and Comments

There are two types of analysis that can be used with the management software asset from two different perspectives. The one that is focused on unit business and the one focused on IT. If you are focusing on business, it is necessary to create the documentation of the requests of the business, including the participants from all the departments connected with the project. The analyst that uses the business perspective has to be sure that all the functional and non-functional needs are included in the project, and the respective workflows have to be drawn and analyzed.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/22/2012
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