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10 Amazing Tips For Enterprise Software Management


One of the most interesting new technologies that are developed by the IT companies are the enterprise software management solutions. Those concepts are based on complete solutions including hardware and software solutions for companies. The enterprise software management program has the purpose of solving a large number of problems for companies when it comes to database and software management. In the past, the IT infrastructure of a company meant a central server connected with a few computers to create a network. Today, the companies need advanced systems and technologies, and this is where enterprise software management could ease your work.

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Even if you have some competent employees within the IT department, they will have to be trained in order to use the enterprise software management. The IT department needs complete control over the communication devices and terminals, and also on the physical infrastructure. As a result, the monitoring applications are referred both to the physical and software aspects of the network.

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This means that the enterprise software management program has to take care of the UPS part, which is the core business of APC. However, this central “brain” of your IT network has to manage the racks, the accessories, the electric distribution network, and the IT equipment.

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At the beginning of the years 2000, some pioneering companies had the courage to invest millions of dollars to discover integrated solutions for data centers. Until then, the most advanced data management hardware solution was the UPS, which is used even today, but only as a part of the network.

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The enterprise software management programs were fully developed years after, and the companies started to benefit of standardized solutions a few years later. What are the advantages of the enterprise software management? The first one would be reliability obtained through standardization. If the important processes within the company are standardized, and they are all conducted using a standard procedure, the process will become more effective, and it will be easily improved by the IT team on the local plan.

Step 5

On the other hand, the enterprise software management brings significant costs reductions. However, you should not confuse standardization with routine. Just because you will be offered with a standard solution does not mean that the respective program is not personalized for your company. On the contrary, the base platform is significantly changed by your IT partners, in order to meet your demands and necessities.


The enterprise software management program is not only a reactive, but also proactive solution, as it helps the client to make predictions and analyzes. An example of this kind would be the possibility given to the client to know when he needs to change the batteries for the UPS. There are instruments that will monitor the environment parameters, and this is how they could estimate when the batteries need to be changed. This is a helpful feature for the IT engineers in case they receive a message like “the battery needs to be changed right now.” Of course, this is only one of the advantages of using such programs.

By Stanculescu Mihai Bogdan, published at 02/23/2012
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