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Server management is said to be one of the most time and energy consuming jobs in the industry of information technology. You may not know why you need it so much though the magnanimity of the importance of this management is just as equal to the time consumption. When you buy a windows server support CD, you will find in the set, several tools. They are diverse in action but the most essential tools among them are in the following analysis.

The Different Types Of Server Management Tools.

Server management will need a command line for its functionality to prove worthy. Dcdiag helps in acting as a monitor to the directory. When you run this program you get an aid of analysis of the controllers of domains within the forest. This analysis earns you permission of replication and reports on any DNS registration problems and test connectivity in case of mistakes or other problems.

Another tool that is very essential in server management and is also found in the windows server support set is replmon. This tool is well credited for the use of graphics. It is very flexible in command since it can be implemented from the command prompt or the group of support tools program. This tool assists the administrator to see the forest bridgehead servers, controllers of domains and server status errors. It also makes sure to check the topology of replication and can also offer pictures of partners of replication. As if that is not enough replmon also assists the administrator to marry partitions on the directory, initiate replication across the domain and be able to receive a report on the server management status.

Repadmin is also another tool that is accessed by the command line and is included in this windows server support set. Its function is to view the topology of replication form the viewpoint of every controller of domains. This in turn helps the admin to understand the transferring of data and supporting to solve any problems that may culminate with replication and server management too. This tool is special in the sense that it can work manually in generation of replication of topology in the event of disability of the bridging of website links.

Some More information about Server Management Tools

Server management tools are very many and just as mentioned above, they are used for very many different functions. But before you get the tools to start doing your server management, you must make sure that they at least have the following features with them in their different capacities and functions. They should offer great control over your server without even considering your OS, they should be able to troubleshoot and reverse harmful settings on your server that may later be hindrance to remote access, your login information will be given to you when your server has entered safe mode, the tools should be able to allow your server to generate support if a system error is registered.


One of the most difficult and time consuming task you would encounter in your business is server management. It might take you such a long time to achieve this goal. However, with the above information on server management tools, at least you will have a breakthrough in whatever server management issues you were facing.

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