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Today’s complex business world requires a steady and reliable methodology to manage and monitor customers. Therefore, customer management comprises of the effective management and overlooking of systems, processes and applications of the company linked directly to the customer. A robust and latest IT technology system is necessary to ensure that process is carried out effectively and in least possible time. Even the smallest organizations require managing customers to increase feedback and achieve profit maximization, along with positive company image.

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Customer Management Software are for the purpose of gathering, researching, short listing and analyzing information regarding consumer behavior, tastes, preferences and demographics. Previously customer management software was just a couple of forms that had written details of customer details and preferences. For further inquiries and questions they were usually called up with the intention of specific customer survey or to solve any complaint issues in particular. Some managers even brought use of short notes and calendars to store this valuable.

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As one can obviously note, these methods are extremely unreliable and useful customer data can be misused, stolen or misplaced. When computer software and networking actually gained attention worldwide, this particular software provided an easy solution to the problem. Microsoft Outlook and Access were the first specialized programs dealing with establishing a customer service database. This allows computerized and easily accessible data forwarded to email, calendars and daily task notes.

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Before Customer Management Software technicians hiring before installing these customer software programs was essential, but latest advancements have led to an entire usual manual coming with every package, hence lowering additional costs incurred.

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The Highest rated Customer Management Software package in 2010 was InfusionSoft, designed specially to cater to the needs of small companies. This package received the 2007 CRM Excellence award for Top Small Business Software. This product provides the company with added benefits including support for shopping cart sales, product information, payment plans and marketing sequences.

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This also includes computer generated OMR (Optical Mark Recognition) customer satisfaction forms; once filled these can be input into a reader and interpreted by this software instantly to provide valuable information to the company. The satisfied customer base is the not the main concern, dissatisfied customers should receive a major portion of any company’s attention. Work etc. is another relatively new, but equally efficient Customer Management Software. However, this software is created to cater to the needs of large scale organizations, especially those indulging in Project Management and Billing. Even though, it contains all the features of the Infusion Software, it’s still one step ahead because it can completely customized to suit ones requirements, and in other words is a tailor made software. The flexibility of this software to adjust to any organizational environment is an attractive feature.


The two mentioned Customer Management Software are obviously not the only ones in the market, and round about thousands created by different companies are sold to this very day. Even though most of them provide the same attributes, they still differ in terms of speed, certification and the tailor aspect. Certified software are an absolute must since, entire systems can crash, losing all valuable customer database information.

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