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Database management software is a type of software that we use in order to control, maintain, create, optimize and edit database. The type of management software database system required by an organization or an individual needs to be decided based on a lot of factors. After determination of factors, like how large is the size of the database, how many queries approximately will be handled, how many users will be accessing the system, etc., the type of management software database system should be decided. A lot of people argue the fact on which management software database system is best for use in the commercial market. This, in fact, depends on the usability, complexity, and lot of other factors which we cannot ignore.

Top 2 Software

 MySQL: This is one of the most used database management system in today’s market. Initially, this management software database system was launched under GNU (general public license). It is now a subsidiary of the Oracle Corporation and is distributed for free from the company’s website. MySQL has gained its major popularity due to its strong compatibility with PHP, a popular open source scripting language. MySQL can also be used with other scripting and development languages like Java. MySQL is famous both in Windows and in Linux environment.

 SQL Server: A popular management software database system developed and distributed by Microsoft Corporation, SQL Server has been popular in the database market for a long time. Due to various professional, corporate, and personal (SQL Express) versions available for the users, SQL Server makes the second spot in the ranking list of database systems. SQL Server, to date, is popular in Windows based operating systems, both for desktops (Windows XP, 7) and in server operating systems like Windows 2003 advanced server and Windows 2008 R2.

Some More Software

Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g, and personal editions: Management software database system ranking without Oracle is almost impossible. Another strong database management system, Oracle has launched various versions of its products to date. Oracle has even released its personal XE edition for the general users to try database management software on desktops. But, sometimes, the resource used by the express editions of the software might be an issue. It contains various versions for both Linux as well as for Windows based desktops and servers.

 PostgreSQL: Another popular open source management software database system, PostgreSQL, was as famous as MySQL at a certain time in the past. Though the number of customers has started decreasing since then, the fact that a lot of users even today run PostgreSQL cannot be ignored. There is a lot of GUI admin software available for this database management system, and thus it has not lost its popularity to date. It is both popular in server as well as desktop systems.

Another Software

 SQLite: SQLite is the management software database system you are looking for if you want your DBMS software and the GUI console to use the least amount of system resource possible. Due to its low impact resource usage, it is very famous in desktop environments. This software gives you the power to handle your database with improved efficiency.

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