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The Best Computer Management Software


Computer management is a term which is used to denote the various administrative functions that can be performed and maintained in a computer system. Generally, various types of management software related to computer are available in the market. But certain operating systems come with an advanced computer management software console already installed. For example, if we open Control Panel in Windows operating system, we see the Administrative Tools along with MMC (Microsoft Management Console) which helps us in managing the computer. But many among us like using third party computer management software in order to keep the computer stable and the performance level at peak. So, before we buy any particular software, we need to know which are good and which is the best.

Top Performers

1. Advanced System Optimizer: Otherwise popular as ASO, advanced system optimizer is the most popular computer management software out there in market today. It comes integrated with various tools like Registry cleaner, Registry optimizer, Disk Defragmenter, Disk Analyzer (Disk Doctor), System Protector (Malware Cleaner) and many more. The best part of ASO is the feature named One Click maintenance. It helps you in doing the necessary tasks to speed up the performance of the computer.

2. Fix It Utilities: Popular computer management software can make your computer’s performance better with proper management of various sections. The reliability of this software is same as that of ASO, but the level of popularity lacks. Though it does not come with a powerful malware cleaner like ASO, all the other features are there to help you make your computer run faster. Various tips and tricks will help you in proper maintenance of your computer.

3. Tune up Utilities: Tune up utilities is as popular as ASO in the computer management software market. It comes within a very affordable price and even has offers along with it most of the year. The major disadvantage that an advanced user might face is the RAM usage that occurs after installation. Due to a new service entry at the startup of the system, the RAM usage increases. But, if you can ignore this, then Tune up utilities, too, has the same set of features like ASO (except for the malware cleaner), and the registry cleaner is very powerful.

More Software

4. Registry Mechanic: PC tools have been in the computer management software market, with its product Registry Mechanic for a long time. Registry mechanic is a very powerful registry cleaning and optimizing tool. It contains numerous other features which make it so popular in the market. But Registry mechanic lacks other features like Disk Defragmenter, Malware Cleaner and many more, when compared to ASO or even Tune up Utilities.

5. System’s Mechanic: Nowadays, the computer management software market has so much competition that the popularity of System’s Mechanic is going down. Initially, in the past, it was one of the most powerful management software for the desktop PCs. But now, its popularity has decreased a lot. But, still it contains enough features to make and keep your computer faster.


If you are looking for good software which can maintain your computer, then the above given products will definitely help you.

By AJ, published at 03/01/2012
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The Best Computer Management Software. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.