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There is a serious problem in the present times that faces almost every nation on this planet. When we look at our environment we will see that there is a common problem which is brought about by irresponsibility in the way that waste management is being handled. Waste materials come from different sources for example big industrial companies, health institutions and other ventures that produce huge amounts of waste on a daily basis. The waste materials that come from industries which are near rivers contaminate then water which as a result causes bad diseases that affect the residents who reside along that river. If this behavior cannot be controlled early enough, it will cause even more serious damage to the universe and make us regret after wards.


Waste management solutions are very basic and vital requirements that help in the growth of the environment and maintenance of perfect human health. This is done parallel to the improvement of a country's economic growth which in turn improves the quality of living at large. The solutions for waste management lessen the resulting effects of poor disposal of waste materials.

The main solutions for waste disposal control includes collecting, checking, ferrying, processing and recycling of the waste products, and this reduces the accumulation of the waste.

The targeted goals of waste management are;

To take care of our water resourcesAvoid the pollution of air, water and landLet the factories perform their social responsibilitiesEnsure the overall safety and well being of the community and lastly to improve the quality of living for all the citizens.


The world has joined hands in these modern days to enlighten the people about the repercussions of poor waste management. This practice of waste management is practiced by most nations whereby the mandate of collecting and processing the waste products is governed by the local arms of governments of every particular nation. Most of the major companies have taken the initiative to work on attaining a zero waste environment. This targets the reducing of waste production by way of designing and producing commodities that can be reused or recycled to avoid pollution.

Tips and comments

The steps of waste management that a factory can take are to try as possible to reduce waste from its production, reusing and recycling the material that can be reused.

In a bid to maintain a clean environment the major companies have opted to use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic bags so that they can reduce the hazardous effects of plastic bags.

The results of this good course of reduction of waste production cannot be experienced immediately and citizens have to work hard and maintain the good work of conserving the environment so that the effects can be fully realized. A lot of effort is required which has to be based on perfect planning, and that way the menace that comes about as a result of poor waste management will be eradicated once and for all. Waste management solutions will transform communities and give them healthier lives through better environment.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/01/2012
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