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There is always tight competition among organizations when it comes to quality of service and customer satisfaction. To excel in this course, an organization has to set a perfect management system that will perform the management operations as required giving an organization an operational structure. A lot of diligence is required from every department of the organization so that it can gain the competitiveness as expected. This will give the organization the lead that it wants. The management operations should support the business processes well and constantly add more value to the businesses of the organization. When all these recommendations are put into consideration, the management operations will be functional and with time the performance of the organization will be recognized by the audit bodies and eventually be recommended for certification.


It is very important to have management operations that are effective and can provide results, so that the system can be certified. A certification like SA 8000 is so much cherished by many organizations. That is why you will see most enterprises training their staff members and putting them through the ISO 9001 training course. This course will equip them with the required skills to play the roles they are required in order to enable the organization to perform comprehensively. The certification is only offered to the organizations that comply with the norms that have been set after completing the Lead Auditor Training program. The certification is however effective only after the authorities that are mandated with accrediting companies accredits it.


When the management operations are in place, they improve the accountability of the business tremendously because it gets that green light that allows the organization to perform ethical and incorporation practices. It also lists the organization among the others that comply with the laid down standards that concern quality and safety. The management operations of the firm get recognized and the firm as a whole gets the required support.
These certifications are very vital to any organization that wants to be among the leading park in the corporate world. And hence management operations should have quality results because the evaluation is always done using different parameters. When an organization has impressive results from its entire department, it comes out as a strong contender in its field. The cost of training the staff members cannot be equated with a prestigious certification like the SA 8000 or the ETI Certification. The positive effects that are experienced after a certain period of time when the organization is certified, overwrites the expenses of training.

Tips and comments

Well planned management operations are the springboard that aids the organization to attain the top position, or at least be among the top organizations in the field. All that the management is left to do is an offer service that appertains to the certification that the organization gets. The management operations that propel the organization to the great heights should still be maintained even at the level that the certification puts the organization, so that new and more opportunities can be explored.

By Vlad Dake, published at 03/01/2012
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