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What Is a Management Disaster?


Disaster management is the implementation of processes to remedy the effects of catastrophes. Disaster management also includes mitigation processes and strategies which are put in place when there is threat of a disaster or any risk is posed to human lives, a sort of plan that is always ready to be made effective in case of need. Governments, local authorities, person corporations and businesses all create policies and frame guidelines and rules that help to get things back to normal after any calamities, such as hurricanes, forest fires, disease and more.

One of the first steps towards disaster management is to identify and define all the disasters that could happen and have to be controlled. A good disaster management plan will take care of a wide array of eventualities, both that occur naturally and are man-made, even to the extent of one unfortunate event leading to another or a whole chain of them (say, for example, the recent example of how an earthquake causes losses, and how that might include damage to a nuclear reactor and so on, or how a flood can lead to failure of electric supply and widespread disease and hunger).

It is important to remember that when it comes to disasters, different parts of the globe are more prone to certain types of disasters than others – new mountainous regions are more prone to earthquakes and landslides, and areas with rivers and a lot of rainfall, of course, are more prone to flooding than others. So every area can have specific plans catering to its own needs.

Disaster management includes the gathering and preparation of supplies which can be deployed at any time when need arises. This could be termed as a disaster management kit and can include food, medicines, water purifying tablets, blankets or sleeping bags, clothes and many other necessaries which are hard to come by when a disaster strikes.

Swift response is necessary and is a part of any good disaster management strategy. Many disasters strike without warning. It strikes suddenly, making it important to take measures quickly, if they have to be effective.

All disaster management plans should deal with communication. Disrupted communication often occurs in case of an emergency, and this only makes situations worse. Backup plans and alternative ways for communication should be kept ready, and must not depend entirely upon the normal towers and relay centers.

Tips and comments

It is important to learn from history when it comes to disaster management. This is because even the disaster management plans which have been create with lots of thought and values, end up being only partially effective when disaster actually strikes. This is because of the many unforeseen circumstances and complications which necessarily arise in case of a catastrophe. So an important part of disaster management is to study disasters that have already taken place and how well-prepared the authorities were to meet them, and what more could have been done to make the situation better.

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