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Data is a very important asset and part of any company. Every company needs to have a proper method or system to manage the data. Without proper data management, success for any company is hard to achieve. This is where the companies realize the need of database management. Data of any company is stored in databases which are huge repositories of data. Today, to efficiently manage data, there are many database software management applications available in the market for the use of large and small scale companies. It is a fact that without proper database management, profit is hard to make.


The objective of database software management applications is not just to store data. The database software management application has to maintain the data and also provide an easy access to whatever is stored in the database. You can divide database software management applications into two different types, personal and client server database. The first type, personal database as the name implies, is used mostly in a single user environment. The database software management application like Microsoft Office Access is an example for personal database software management application. It is also possible for the personal database to be used in a network environment by sharing data. However, the practice is not recommended for a network having more than ten computers.


Now, the database software management applications for large scale networks are called client server database management system. This system of DBMS is particularly designed to work with large networks of computer and great volume of data. There are many database software management applications available today for the client server model DBMS. The database software management applications have to be powerful enough to handle the large amount of data and a huge number of queries at the same time. Since the data is stored in a centralized location, there will be huge demand for the data. The employees from the company may have to access the data continuously so as to serve the customers or for other purposes. The DBMS application installed in the organization has to have powerful servers to handle the flow of data.

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Usually, there will be two parts for a client server model; a front end and a back end. The front end is the program like Microsoft access which is used by the user to view the data at their computer. This has to be installed on every client computer. The second part, the back end is where the actual processing of data takes place. The software application for back end has to be one which can handle multiple user queries. Usually, a program like My SQL is used as the back end application. Although client server model DBMS can have complex designs and management schemes, it is easy to understand and use. Using this model of database software management system can also reduce the cost for the company in terms of storage and access. Every company gives special attention to database management, understanding the importance and relevance of each byte of data.

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