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With the everyday pressures and demands of a variety of peoples working careers, a large majority of families go on holiday and vacations yearly to get away from their everyday chores and duties. Millions of people worldwide travel to countries from a range of continents, therefore there is always a need and high demand for different language speaking hotel management to run the everyday operations. Having staff who can communicate in a range of languages can make the customers stay much more enjoyable.


The hotel management is the personnel responsible to make sure the everyday operations of the hotel runs according the hotels star level rating standards. Failure to ensure effective and consistent hotel management procedures could outcome in bad feedback from customers with regards to the conditions of the hotel, which will effectively generate bad reviews towards the underperforming hotel. The hotel management industry and the standard star certificate level it’s awarded at are regularly regulated by independent “Mystery Shopper” entities. Some visits are from Health & Safety Board Officers who visit on organized or in some cases surprise visits to make sure the Hotel is regulated and ISO registered.


With the demand at the level it is at now, with regards to the tourism industry, there will be a consistent demand for staff in the hotel management profession. Depending on the size of the hotel the hotel manager needs to ensure they have enough employees from all level duties to ensure a smooth and hygienic operated hotel.

Tips and comments

In order to enquire about these sorts of vacancies is usually by contacting a recruitment agency, preferably one that specializes in hotel management or has a specific client(s) they deal with who is relevant to the kind of employer and environment you would like to work in. Alternatively the candidate can also apply direct to hotels in preferred locations to see if they get successfully short listed. This is usually conducted in the form of a Skype or telephone interview, done by the hotel management, in some cases the hotel may fly the candidate out for a second stage interview and to also let the candidate see the facilities of the hotel.

However for big franchise hotels and also large chained hotels tend to use hotel management companies to arrange various types of staff vacancies to be recruited at a variety of hotel destinations. It would usually be for entry level vacancies for positions such as Cleaning & Maintenance, Reception / Front Desk, Kitchen Staff etc. Some hotels like the concept of this idea, however other hotel chains may have their own internal recruitment procedures in place.

To have an opportunity to work in hotel management and follow this career path, the candidate would usually have to have a related Degree or Qualification relating to the Tourism industry; also they may need to attend a variety of other courses relating to Customer Service or Team Management training. If the candidate has prior experience working for other hotels in their previous work experience this can sometimes be an advantage.

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