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What Is Management?


Management is a complex subject that that deals with a lot of aspects. It can be categorically divided into three main aspects which are planning, organising, leading and control. A manager is therefore a planner, an organiser, a leader and must be in control of the organisation that he is managing. To become a good manager you need to know what exactly is management;


If you want to know what is management you need to know what it takes o become a good manger. Management involves planning, you need to plan. Planning involves setting up goals and objectives for the organisation, some of the questions you ask yourself at this stage are; where do you see the organisation in the next five years? What are the projected profits and sales for the next one year? These are not very easy questions to answer, so it takes a lot of thinking and planning in order to come up with accurate answers. When you set up the objectives and goals for the company, you need to know how you are going to do it.


So the next stage on the question ‘what is management?’ is being able to organise. Organising involves the coordination and distribution of resources in order to attain the objectives and goals set during the planning stage. This could be human resources or even raw materials, each department must be fully functional and you need to make sure that your staff are qualified and skilled in what they do. During the organising stage, this is where you also assess and analyse each production stage, whether there are enough raw materials and enough funding. You may be asking yourself, ‘is management something that requires any skill?’ The answer is yes, you need to be skilled for you to become a good manager. You have to learn some of these things.

Tips and comments

What is management without a good leader? Management involves the leading role; you have to lead by example. You want to make sure that you set a good example to your subordinates. As a leader you will need to create a good teamwork environment, employees must not feel intimidated in the workplace. You have to create a sense of motivation in your employees. Leading also involves delegating work; you do not do everything on your own. As a manager, you will need to create a good and welcoming environment for your employees. So what is management? One may still ask. Management also involves controlling and monitoring. This is where you compare your set objectives with your current results. Are there any deviations? If there are deviations, you will need to know why there are deviations and there must be a good way of controlling those deviations. Maybe you may need to recruit more skilled people or you need to cut on expenditure. These are some of the main aspects that you may need to look at. So basically, you need to be a planner, organiser, leader and in control in order for you to be a good manager.

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