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The sinews that hold together an organization is the management of the company. How well can an organization perform is primarily dependent on the management that oversees all the operations of the organization. Management has been under a lot of observation and scrutiny from many researchers and experiments that have developed different ways of how to best lead an organization. The reason is simple; if the management is antagonistic with the workability of the company it may cause inefficiency and ineffectiveness. This management rhetoric is well known and for management to work favorably in this case is a hard thing to do even in the best of times. Companies need to realize that for them to succeed they have to focus on their most valuable asset, that is human capital. This is where creative management comes in. Creative Management techniques and strategies that ameliorate the working space and help in better levels of efficiency are the need of the organization in today’s increasingly competitive markets.


Creative management helps in better functioning of the company by focusing on the human capital of the organization. As the management guru Peter Drucker pointed out that your workforce would be better motivated if they are offered intrinsic awards like promotions, authority etc whereas stocks options and bonuses would not motivate them. The idea of creative management is to create an environment which not only lets your workers think and solve problems but also nurtures creativity. A professor at the prestigious Harvard University, Teresa Amabile states that for any organization to thrive and grow it needs to focus its motivational efforts on exploring new ideas and innovation rather than relying on conventional ones.


The most significant asset for a company is not raw materials, logistics or strong organizational structure. It is the creative people that the company has in its midst. These creative people or thinkers are the reason that companies are able to come up with innovative ideas for products and services. These creative individuals are the pioneers that help in creating new technologies, increase in economic growth and establishing new industries. These are the most highly paid people in the workforce. They are the problem solvers and responsible for innovating and creating. If you want your company to succeed, your organization must find such individuals and hire them. But the main task is how to keep them. Creative management helps an organization with the collaboration of such employees and getting them to work at their optimal efficiency. It creates incentives, offers immaterial things that help in motivating the workforce. Like for instance job stress consoling or how to cope with the frustrations of a divorce. Most companies now try to implement the six sigma and other managerial ways to foster creativity and innovation among their employees.

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Creative management helps in better functioning of the company by focusing on the human capital of the organization. For businesses to retain and motivate their workforce for more productivity and more efficiency of their company, creative management plays a vital role.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 03/18/2012
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