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Management account security is process of ensuring that the security of user accounts. The risk of your accounts being accessed by unscrupulous individuals is higher than ever. Cybercrime has become very rampant with the fast growth of the internet hence the need to protect yourself. Management account will assist you in keeping your account secure.


Passwords are the most common types of authentication in management security. Using a simple password such as “123456” will leave your account vulnerable to crackers who use automated programs that try to guess your password by trying several thousand combinations of letters and numbers. Passwords should contain at least 8 characters consisting of both letters and numbers making it very hard for a person trying to guess your password. Your ID number or your date of birth should not be used as passwords.


Management account security also is at risk of being compromised by cookies. Cookies are like simple files I your browser that store information about your logins. These cookies are deleted after you logout or after they expire. If it so happens that you don’t log off your account and do not completely exit your browser, your cookie is still active and anyone should be able to use your account. These cookies prompt user to accept that they wish their user login information is stored in the computer. Although convenient to many as you only need to enter a single character of your username, it auto-completes it and enters the password, anyone familiar with the username will easily access your account. Management account security policy also dictates that users should not disclose their passwords or PIN numbers to anyone regardless of your relationship. Scam artist will pose as employees as employees of a credible company and claim that they need your password to be able to serve you better. This is called social engineering where hacks take advantage of human psychology vulnerabilities to obtain login information in a short time and easily as compared to cracking which will consume both time and effort.

Tips and comments

To guarantee management account security, use of HTTPS is recommended when logging in to any site. It is very easy for an attacker to intercept login information on a network. HTTP Secure which is generally an encrypted form of HTTP. BY using this, the security of any online account logins is guaranteed. It encrypts and data passing through the network rendering it completely useless to anyone who might try to intercept it. Management account security also relies on various system and software updates. These updates contain critical system patches and fixes for any exploitable vulnerability. Failing to constantly install updates may be detrimental as it means you are vulnerable to this well-known exploits. Anyone with the knowledge of this vulnerability will easily compromise your accounts. Use antivirus software is also very important if management account security is to be realised. They are able to eliminate any threats from the network and also neutralise any malware which may be trying to steal any information from your system.

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