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What Is Internet Management


Through the years, the internet has become a necessity. Almost all of the people, organizations, and businesses depend on it. It has made almost everything possible such as crossing all barriers across the globe. It helped us in communicating easily, helped us in providing access for knowledge and education as well as job opportunities. It also helped us in making transactions much easier such as online bill payments and online shopping. It helped make things faster and convenient. It also made the whole world within reach.

The internet has given freedom for all the cetizens. However, sometimes, too much freedom would have consequences. These consequences are not favourable especially for business or organizations who are also both dependent on the internet. This is where Internet Management comes in. Internet Management allows a more systemized and productive use of the internet. It enhances the efficiency and productivity in work output and also enables a disciplined approach among the members in a workgroup.

Call centers

Internet Management is practiced in all call centers. Call centers would need the internet to connect to their clients so every call center agent has access to the internet. Now imagine what would happen in a work place with unlimited free internet access? Call center agents would surely do some multitasking while answering to their clients. This would decrease their work output and would even result to unhappy customers and a low rating for the company. It would be difficult for supervisors to individually check all the cubicles to make sure that the call center agents are doing their job well. However, with internet management, managers and supervisors are able to monitor the work output of every call center agent. They are also able to monitor their activities and their internet usage. They may also block common unimportant leisure sites such as Myspace, Facebook and the likes.

Online Jobs

All online jobs are dependent on the internet. There are some companies who offer online jobs and use internet management to measure their work output and performance. Unlike other jobs, online jobs don’t have any time monitor that would record what time you started working and what time you stopped. With internet management, companies have found a way to record this and this would be of their advantage especially if they offer a job which is paid per hour. An example of such company is Odesk. They would require you to download an application that would require your time in and time out records and this can be monitored by the managers through the internet.


Internet in schools has become essential. This would allow students to do their important research within the school grounds. The problem is, students could never resist using the internet especially during class hours. With the rise of high technology gadgets, students are able to access the internet through their cellular phones, tablets, and laptops making it easier for them to sneak under their desks and use the internet for browsing and accessing sites, most especially social networking sites. Through internet management, administrators are able to limit access to these sites.


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