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Database management software (DBMS) is designed for the purpose of managing databases based on a variety of collected information called data. Database management software is made up of complex programs that are used by the different organization for storage, management and various application purposes. It is controlled by database administrator DBAs. 

Database management software is easily accessible by different users but only authenticated by one person. It supports high level programming languages known as query language. We can update and analyze database by using query language and also request database for some information. It allows database backup after failure and recovering from backup files. It is secure system that will not allow any hacker to access information easily. Design of database is very important. It should be designed in such a way that information could be retrieved easily. The database management software should occupy minimum space on the systems. Database management software normally runs on servers which have all data related to the software. Servers are high speed computers.


Database management software has many benefits. We can use data more efficiently and orderly. It also reduces complexity in the systems which have large Databases. Data will be more secure and errors are less while retrieving certain information. Multiple users can access database at the same time. It is easier to use large database through database management software.

There are different types of Database Management Software like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and Microsoft Visual FoxPro. This software depends on data models which are based on query languages. These softwares works on adding, subtraction, currency conversion, average, swap, sorting and more.

Database management software was first developed in 1960s. At that time, data management was very complex. Mostly processing was done which was very difficult. Today the database management is very easy as engineers worked on it very hard and focused on object oriented programming. It works on logical methods which differentiate it from other systems.

There are many applications of database management software like computerized library systems, automated teller machines, or flight reservation systems. There are different types of databases like hierarchical databases, network databases, relational databases, object-oriented databases.

Hierarchical databases are used on mainframe computers. It is organized in a pyramid fashion like the branches of tree. It also forms the parent child relationship. Parent record is the root record. A record is searched by parent root then towards child.

Network databases are same like hierarchical databases but there is only one difference. Instead of searching from root we will search in cobweb methods. Parents are the members and children are the owners. These databases are used in mainframe computers. Relational databases have some relation between its data file. These databases connects file through key field. Data is stored in different tables.

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Object-oriented databases are modern database which allows multiple databases to handle at one time for example video, graphics and more. These databases uses small piece of software called object.

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