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What Is a Software Management Service


A software management service is an automated and integrated set of activities beginning at the inception stage of software, which ensure that it performs at optimum levels. Software management service allows for computer software to run at tip top performance at all times. To achieve this, a software management service server is installed together with the system it’s supposed to monitor. It monitors various parameters about the system and analyses the data to determine how effective the system is. In case of a break down, the software management service effectively reduces response times.


A software management service process is a complex web of activities which include:

Versioning involves assigning version numbers to computer software depending on its state. Version numbers will mostly run in an ascending number for example 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. These versions identify unique states of computer software at a particular time. Software management services constantly check available software version against a current version if a newer version is found, it is updated. Newer versions will mostly include fixes to problems and improvements on previous versions.

A software management service uses various tools to determine how the system is working. For a website, it will constantly try to check the responsiveness of the website. It might send a dummy request for processing to make sure all request are being handled as expected. If you run mission or business critical software using a software management service will be of great help. You do not want to always worry about how fast or how well your system is performing. A software management service will effectively handle these tasks without breaking a sweat.


Development is also an important activity in the software management process. It involves actual implementation of design templates into working software. This involves writing code, compiling it and packaging it in a form that can be used for implementation. You could decide to do all these tasks using individual software but an integrated development environment which will easily accomplish the e tasks at ago is recommended.

Software is designed to work in many different environments. Configuring system settings manually to make sure the system performs at optimum levels is quite hard as many factors have to be put into consideration. A software management services will do the same job more effectively. It will try different configurations until if finds the most suitable configuration. It will be able to do this without any strain and take the shortest time possible.

For freshly procured software using a software management service should be of great help. The automated tools and activities a will help you a lot in managing the new software. Testing is a very critical step after procuring software, using a software management service will eliminate the complexities involved with manually testing the software. More importantly the software management service will be able to test the system by simulating thousands of scenarios in a short period of time and correctly interpret the results.

Tips and comments

Software installation can be quite challenging in several platforms like UNIX. A software management service will help you install any application with ease. By using a list to select software you want installed, it saves you the hassle of remembering hundreds or even thousands of commands.

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