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Many a times students fail to find odd jobs that would be perfect for them. That would not only coincide with their timetable but will also provide them with ample amount of money to take care of their living expenses. Working in a department store, petrol pump or a café fails to provide them with enough money to pay their bills. One of the best jobs from which to make enough money to live a comfortable life are call center management jobs. Call center management jobs are idle for students who are only available at late hours of night to work. These jobs offer good money and do not demand a lot of qualification except proficiency in the language of their choice.


A call center is basically an office which is made for the sole purpose of sending and receiving calls. These calls that are made are usually for marketing purposes. They are even made for things like clientele, product services and debt collection. Many telecommunication companies and other product related companies have their personal call centers as well. They are used so that customers can file their complaints or suggestions by calling the companies’ representatives and getting in touch with them.


Call center management jobs are fairly easy to do. They do not require a lot of experience and many of the call centers give you adequate training before hand so that you are well prepared for the job. These trainings might be of a week, month or more depending upon the seriousness and difficulty of the work you are provided with. You should have at least finished your high school to apply for a call center management job however some call centers do not take that in to account unless you have a good accent and fluent English. Some call centers have age limit which says that people younger than 16 cannot apply. This is because they want their employees to be legally adults and to avoid any other legal issues. The best thing about call center management jobs is that they adjust your working hour according to your feasibility. If you have another full time job or are a student, you can tell them a time when you are free like for students it is mostly in the evening and at night and they adjust your working hours accordingly. People who are not that educated and do not have a degree can even join these call centers and make good money. Many of these call centers award their employees on things such as number of sales, number of new customers etc. Sufficient bonus is also provided to such employees which serves as a great motivation to them.

Tips and comments

Although call center management jobs are great for people who do not have a professional degree however keep in mind that this is still not a substitute for a proper job. Yes this is a great part time job but education is always important and many a times people do not take admission in to colleges as they think they are making enough money through the call center management job.

By Sultan Khan, published at 03/13/2012
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