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What Is the Best Photo Management


At this new age of photo digital and with so much still images taken from your phone camera or digital camera, you always wanted to organize everything. This is where the best management photo comes in. However, there is much best photo management that is in the market either for free or you need to purchase it. At the same time, not all organization applications or software that you can get online are compatible with your operating system. There are those that only work in Windows OS, Mac OS or both. Some also are applicable in your android or iPhone OS.

What is the Best Management Photo for Windows users?

Majority of the free best photo management online can be installed in your personal computer or laptop. But some of those applications does not allow you to edit the images your have in your PC or has limited capacity in scanning all the available pictures in your local hard drive. Picasa is different, since you can easily transfer all your photos from your local hard drive or external drive. Although this is also available from Linux and MAC OS, the said software, works and coordinates with the Windows OS easily. Aside from the feature that it can simply scan and sort your photos, it also permits you to perform geo tagging and make some revisions on the images, like removing the red eye the lighting and also share it in different social networking or through email.

In addition, it is named as the best photo management due to the fact that it does not create any confusion to the users out there. It effortlessly gives you the most basic way of editing and enhancement of your photos. Nevertheless, if you want something that is more advances like that of Adobe Photoshop, then this one does not have the capacity to deliver your desire. But, there is one disadvantage about this software, since if you have Picasa in your computer, it will take all the images that you have from the website, blogs and others where you stored your photos, so if you have explicit photos, avoid using this.

Photo Management Best for Mac OS only

You know how hard it is to find an exclusive photo management for your MAC OS. But, you should not worry about it, since there is one among the best. This is somehow resemblance to Picasa, but this software is known as Lyn. The program is very useful for MAC users, since it has the speed that most people desires when they store and edit their still images, also it allows you to integrate all your photo on various social networking. One best thing about this app is that you can rename and convert the photos in batch, which other programs have limited ability. In addition, for those people who have an iPhone, you can easily sync all the photos from your phone using the iPhoto library.

All about managing photos over the Phone

As you can see, photos can now be stored in your phones. If you have an Android phone, it is known that JustPictures was named as one of the best photo management in the market while for iPhone and iPad, it is their Photos apps that is already build in. Through this you can manage your photo and do some simple revisions.

By Ignat Victor, published at 03/20/2012
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