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What Is Uk Management


UK Management is a management based program that is dedicated to the development of organization in United Kingdom through research, lectures and other avenues to discuss on how to improve the industry. It uses some strategic planning to resolve issues that are being gathered throughout time in all areas, be it a problem area or just to improve the service or the organization. This intercultural management application is intended for all sectors of the society to promote growth and development in a particular area. In the United Kingdom, although they follow the hierarchy in dealing with people, they still maintain respect in considering the importance of individual contribution to the development of the industry. Individual members are free to provide and dispense information that can have impact on the decision-making process. However, there are some issues regarding the UK management style being use that seemed very alarming when relating them into success of the company.

UK’s Approach to Management

With the changing time, UK management style is emphasizing on the generalisation rather than on specialization. They are more concerned on the credential than the capacity and the technical skill that the person possesses. Another thing, managers put so much emphasis on the individuals capacity in doing things and its contribution to the team. UK management is very much connected to time and priorities. Missing the deadline and unable to determine the importance of things is an indication of poor management which is not a good thing.

Disadvantage of UK Management

In every aspect of management, there is always a problem that goes with it when it comes to the style being used by the people who implement it. In the United Kingdom, the usual issues being thrown to manager is the dominant style they use in use in the workplace. They tagged this UK management style as command and control that pose a potential threat to the business and worker’s productivity. The other approaches that are being followed in the UK management are establishing an interpersonal relationship with their workers. This is the reason why most managers finds it hard to talk directly and gives instruction to their subordinate, when a difficult decision is being made concerning employees. Sometime the intercultural society of UK makes it even hard to deal with their employees with the use of language.

New Approach

UK management is making some revision when it comes to their strategy in dealing with their employees. Since communication and dealing with their employees is in a reserve manner, being confrontational were being prevented and controlled. Display of emotion and making decision based only of feeling were ignored, instead focusing on the general subject that deals with competency and efficiency of every individual. Following and looking for some other ways to improve UK management must be taken into consideration to push UK toward economic stability.

UK management has been linked to cultural management because of the multicultural aspects of its society. So dealing with it needs some special knowledge on how to handle employees of different culture.


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