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the Management Of Anger


“Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret”- Ambrose Bierce

Anger is a natural emotion but it’s important to channel it in right direction in order to cause minimal damage. Uncontrolled anger results in negative and unintentional outcomes. Anger can be classified as mild, hysterical and intense. All of us experience mild anger over petty things that can irritate us and express it form of frustration. While frustration is an unhelpful emotion, there’s not much to worry about if it’s not persistent. Hysterical anger is a physiological disorder that is triggered for no visible reason and may be uncontrollable for the patient himself. This type of anger needs to be treated by an expert as normal anger management tips offer little relief. Intense anger is extremely hard to control and caused by some awfully disturbing issue. However, with help of some anger management tips, it can be channeled in a positive direction that will save your health and keep you from regretting.

It’s important to let anger out

Anger is state of mind that reflects through body. There are physical signs of anger like increased heart rate, blood pressure, temperature and breathing. This is caused due to secretion of stress hormones like adrenaline inside your body in order to relieve you. But excess of these hormones blocks your ability to think straight and distorts your judgment. When your body has to cope with large amounts of stress hormones due to frequent angry outbursts, you are more likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia and heart conditions. Anger management helps you cool these hormones down by letting your anger out in a way that saves the situation and does no harm to your body. For instance, you may wait to calm yourself before expressing your emotions.

Self-help techniques

Every person and situation is different from another. So it is important to take time to think thoroughly and devise an anger management technique that helps you best. There are some circumstances that you can directly avoid or some matters that you may learn to overlook. Also physical activity serves as a very efficient outlet for anger. It may be anything from going for a walk to picking up a sport. Daily exercises not only keep you fit but also increase your stamina against harmful effects of adrenaline like hormones and regulates your sleep cycle. Remember, small things can irritate you if your system is not fit on the inside.

Dig the roots

Unexpected outburst of anger is often a final response to a suppressed problem you may be enduring for a long time while the event that appears to have caused it is nothing more than a trigger. If there is something troubling you recently take time to evaluate it and find your way around for anger management. It is observed that people tend to use anger for masking the fear of rejection. Anger management as a negative expression will land you in more trouble rather than helping you overcome your original concerns.


By Ignat Victor, published at 03/19/2012
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