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What Is Web Software Management


A Web Management Software is a software system that will help in providing website collaboration, authoring and administration tools that will help users in designing and will give them little knowledge of web programming languages or markup languages to help them in creating and managing website content relatively with more ease. A healthy and powerful Web Management Software will provide the foundation for collaboration. It will also offer users the ability to manage documents and outputs for multiple authors editing and participation. Most Web Management Software systems use a database to help users in storing page content, metadata, and other important information assets that might be needed by the system for management perspective. In Web Management Software a presentation layer will help in displaying the content to website visitors or will act as user interface based on a set of templates. These web templates are sometimes XSLT file.


Most Web Management Software systems use server side caching to improve performance of web page access. This will work best in that cases when data will have to remain same but these pages will be visited by users on regular basis. Most of the administration can be done through web browser based interfaces, but some systems often require the use of a fat client. Web management software also allows access to non-technical users to make changes to a website after little training. Web management software mostly requires a systems administrator or a web developer to add features and set up, but it is basically a website maintenance tool for non-technical staff.


Web Management Software mostly contain features like automated templates that will create standard output templates by using HTML and XML that can be automatically applied to new and existing content without working so hard to make user interface perfect. Access Control is another very important feature for Web Management Software wheresome systems still support user Groups. User Groups will allow you to control how registered users will be interacting with the site. One web page on a site can be restricted to one or more user groups and will help in hiding critical data from unauthorized users. Web Management Software hasscalable expansion which will have the ability to expand a single implementation across multiple domains, depending on the server's settings. Easily editable content, scalable feature set, web standards sets, web standards upgrade, workflow management, collaboration, delegation, documentation management, content virtualization, content syndication, multilingual and versioning are all features that Web Management Software’s provide us in order to help users in web site development and management more effectively and efficiently.

Tips and comments

Some web management software’s are free such a Drupal, typo3, Joomla and word press. Whereas subscribing for this software’s may cost a lot. Web management software’s are easily customizable because a universal layout is created and users can use them by making little changes according to their requirements. Likewise the use of drag and drop feature of AJAX tools for the design mode. Web management software are basically designed for non-technical people.

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