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What Is Management Tracking


For every successful project, there is always an efficient and workable system supporting the idea. The system that is set in place should be able to detect and communicate variations in a timely fashion to facilitate decision making. This is the reason why every good manager ought to have a comprehensive management tracking system in place.

Management tracking involves looking at the plans and progress that relate to the project in question. Currently there are various tools that you can employ to keep track of your project. These tools are essential for a project manager in continuously monitoring the progress that your project is taking.

Project management tracking will enable you to keep up-to-date with all the activities and events that relate to your project. They will give you details on the project resources, budget and tasks. This will give you the all-round knowledge on the project that will allow efficient decision making.


Initially managers used implemented traditional defect tracking management. This has greatly proven unreliable in recent times due to the complexity of the projects that are being run currently. The changes that result from technology have played a significant role in rendering the defects being implemented in standalone fashion outdated.

At the moment there are various software that can be used by a manager for easy management tracking. Such software can be obtained from the internet either through purchase or for free. Technological advancement has therefore transformed the world of project management to a more attractive and viable field.


Since this an integral part of any project, you will not desire to indulge into misleading practices. This means that the best model or tool should be used for the activity for any accomplishment. This is a simple and attainable desire that can be achieved using your personal computer and some software.

One of the tools that you can use as a manager is Excel templates. Using your browsers’ search engine you can look for online sites that offer free cost effective tools or the paid Excel tracking management templates. The Excel package may include project, time performance, cost summary among other components.

You can close the gap that exists between requisites, action and validation by incorporating defect management techniques into management tracking template. The tool you choose should be able to detect and report the defects as they unfold within the project progress. There should be a more refined system that prioritizes and verifies in the sequence of vitality.

Tips and comments

As much as you would like to carry out management tracking, you should never settle for the least bargain. This means that as a manager, you need to source out for the most robust management tracking. The quality of your results should never be compromised by the hasty choices you make.

The management tracking tool you use should be able to meet the specific needs of the project you are running. This means that it should be congruent with the project for synchrony and synergy to be achieved. Choosing a wrong model will have negative consequences that could greatly impede your project.

By Kennedy Jacob, published at 03/27/2012
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