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Businesses of all kinds are advancing with time and the improvement in business communication keeps on developing more with time. Business departments are progressing and the company only remains successful and in power when all of its staff and different departments are functioning properly and are stable. This happens when the means of source management are correct and effective. Source management has a major role to play when it comes to the proper functioning of a business. It is not difficult to be an effective manager; all you have to do is have different ways of source management that affect the employees under you to do certain tasks on time and be answerable to you.


Two very famous psychologists John R.P French and Bertram Raven presented the five bases of social power management for business in their study which was published in 1960. They are reward, legitimate, coercive, referent, and expert. These means of source management are effective and are used by executive managers all over the world for any kind of Business Corporation to work. Reward management is the most effective and makes the employees perform their job at a better level because they expect to be rewarded if the task is completed before time or is done professionally enough to impress the boss. All managers have the power to increase or provide these rewards to anyone who is working under them. These rewards are in the form of pay increases, bonuses, off days and awards.


Another useful way of applying source management is through referent power which is based on the relationship that the manager and the employee have. With this source of power, employees respond faster to their manager’s command and also want to work and provide better results to keep their head happy if the relationship is friendly and trustable enough. Expert power is the ideal source through which management can remain stable and effective and every manager must try to learn or know some ways to apply expert power. If the manager proves and shoes to his employees that he has great experience in a certain part of the business and is confident about the instructions he is giving, the employees would also trust the manager and do as he says because he has more experience than they do and they would not want to question any of his working methods.

Tips and comments

Use of source management is taught in every business course and if you still find yourself weak in following the management principles you can always ask for help or try to learn more about the ways you can control your sub ordinates and make them do what you want them to do in order for your department or part of the business to work properly and on time. Source management has been applying in all kinds of business activities for decades now and these simple principles help you in controlling your employees and at the same time help you in achieving your goals more successfully.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/23/2012
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