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Benefits Of a Management Information System


The system information management represents an important provider of information. Past, present or future details can be found due to this system. It also encompasses details concerning events that are important for the organization no matter if they unfold within it or outside it. The data given by this organized approach it is very well structured and useful. In addition, it will be at the disposal of who needs it, whenever he or she needs it.

The idea of management information system became well-known since 1960. It also represents the motto of all efforts to make a connection between computer technology systems and the action of making information computer readable.Business started to rely on technology and computers bit by bit due to the fact that it was much easier to solve encountered problems. The system information management was established to ensure efficiency and progress, which are possible due to the operational use of the computer.

Some details

Applications used in business are not better than data processing work. The system information managementfunctions as a tool that helps at the organization of business computer applications. a system framework for organizing business computer applications. The main feature of asystem information management is the fact that a human is able to contribute and control actions, thus not all is conducted by the machine. This is available in order to provide data concerning planning and control function of manager for the use of the institution.

All the information collected is not randomly selected. A set of rules that has key features and it is well organized represents the limestone of the entire process. Thesystem information management is a great asset for managers because it helps them be organized and have control over their decisions. However, certain operations must be performed if you want good results. Some examples could be the ones of a car’s manufacturer who needs to carry out manufacturing activities or a wholesaler who needs to supply his area of jurisdiction with water. In order to be able to execute such operations you need to determine a course of action. Simply put, you need to know all the details concerning your future activities, no matter what type of business you handle.


Mainly, MIS does not lack essential features that are engaged in providing information support to managers. This helps them plan and control their decisions regardless of the situation. All the information is kept in data bases which are at the disposal of the organization, and are compulsory for MIS. Manual computer programming is part of the procedure. Collecting and processing information are what defines MIS. Therefore the system that develops activities such as planning and control function of managers is just the first step. Apart from this, it helps with managerial functions, collect and stores data and involves hardware, software and operation research models.

Favorable positions

The entire system is very useful due to the fact that it provides relevant information. This is a great asset for a company and it help at its development. An MIS has also other advantages such as supporting decentralization, processing and assembling information, storing useful data and evaluating and disseminating it. It also gathers only the essential information and it makes it easier to handle.

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