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Innovation management is basically the discipline that concerns the managing of different processes in innovation. Innovation management is used for developing both organizational and product innovation. The main goal of innovation management is to give organizations the ability to respond to an internal or external opportunity. Innovation management also makes good utilization of the creative efforts that are put into introducing new ideas, processes as well as product.

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This article will discuss 8 different tips that are essential to consider in the field of innovation management. You should keep these in mind for an effective innovation management system.

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The first thing that you need to remember is that innovation management is still in the process of developing. It has also been only the last 5 to 10 years that the companies have started understanding that there is more to innovation than just adding dozens of employees. Companies around the world are still experimenting and trying various methods for innovation management.

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The second tip is to mind the gap. There is a key challenge to innovation management and that is to frequently be able to change modes of divergence. Change is good and balance is the key. Continuous balance will be applicable to your organization and will require important decisions.

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The third tip is to start with your innovation strategy. This is very important for your innovation management. This strategy will help govern your decisions and will allow you to change the course of your organization towards innovation. You have to make sure that everyone is always keen to innovate.

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The fourth tip is to decide whether you want to target disruptive, radical or strategic incremental innovation. You want to decide on different ways that you can distribute your efforts along with skills for innovation.

Last 3 Tips

The fifth tip is boot camps. Boot camps in innovation management are a strategy where companies request their employees to bring forward their ideas and then they support those ideas. This is in order to build a business plan and start a venture. There is a certain approach that workers can follow to aid in innovation.

The sixth tip concerns ideas. Sometimes you may have situations where a company ends up with too many ideas. These ideas are too much in number to be implemented. So people need to think of ways to handle such situations. You may have great ideas but might end up neglecting them since there will be too many in number. Therefore these need to be well accommodated.

Tip number 7 is people. According to a survey, statistics showed that people are key elements of innovation management. Therefore there needs to be a proper innovation culture. Try hard to foster mindsets and make good utilization of your people.

Tip number 8 is to promote horizontal networking. The internet has helped change the way innovation needs to be approached. People can make use of social media as well as other websites to get the latest tips and ideas. All that is required is a bit of exploration.


I hope these tips will help your understand different innovation management techniques.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/27/2012
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