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Great Advice For University Management


This article is written to give readers “Great advice for university management”. But first let us see what University Management is? University Management is used to manage, maintain and secure university’s day to day business. University Management maintains data of Academics, Student, Administrative, Security, Services. University management allows mulch-divisional, mulch-department handling which includes various activities such as Admission, Curriculum management, Library management, Examinations etc. The smooth functioning of any enterprise is dependent on the efficiency, maintenance and recording process of its management department.

Step 1

Since all the universities have similar ways of operation and functioning. All of you will agree with me that university management have very complex operations. Lot of information has to maintain, share, update and then to keep track of that information is necessary. To interact with the management staff is an hectic task because they are over-burdened with their tiring job. Task which can be done in minutes takes many days to be finished.

Step 2

Having these and numerous more problems, universities need any well designed software that can integrate and combine all the functions and departments of their institution into one platform. In other words ERP software is needed for these educational institutions. ERP software provides facility for recording of transactions and data at one place i.e. central server, for quick and instant reports. The ERP allows university to create a more robust and structured organization, by increasing the transaction handling capacity and improving the internal control of system.

Step 3

Now all the related personnel's will have the advantage of accessing the information anytime, anywhere when they need. Now the daily data is stored in a comprehensive and professional manner. The best part is that you don't have to interact with the staff. You can get your work done in minutes and seconds.

Step 4

Additionally university management gets facility of report generation for performance appraisal of the staff. And for students, they can stay connected to the management system for all vital information and notices like exam dates, fees and new announcements and news. ERP software may have a mobile interface, so that students and other related people can access the university information on their mobile and tablets.

Step 5

Best ERP of university management is one that has following abilities:
It is Fully Web Based, with stable platform, Robust processing, Scalability, Fully customizable, Centralized Information, having User Friendly Environment, Search Capability, can be easily exported to Excel/PDF, can be Integrated with Banks, having accounting and other Remote Systems, can generate Email Notifications.


This ERP should be configurable and customizable according to the practical needs of university. The management has the power to alter and change things in the ERP to suit their needs. But any change requests should be authorized appropriately first.


The great advice for university management is to employ an ERP. That Software is user friendly and manages/solves the most complex tasks in university management. It fulfills all the administrative and academic requirements. It makes university management easy, transparent & plays a vital role in decision making. This ERP for university automates all the university transactions, internal work flow procedures and interaction with the students and the instructors. This ERP software is equipped with lot of reports concerning all the departments of the university including Student, Human Resource, Teacher/Staff, Academics, Examination & Accounts, Fee Management & payroll etc.

By Khurram Hussain, published at 03/27/2012
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Great Advice For University Management. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.