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The job of a hospitality management is not easy at all. You have to learn to think on feet and be hands on. Managers are often under pressure from the owners, customers and even employees. Simply put, hospitality management  is not for the faint hearted. However with a few tips and tricks on hospitality management, you can balance all these stake holders and ensure that the business thrives. Listed below are some hospitality management tips that will help making your job a lot easier.

Step 1

Hire qualified staff
The staff you hire is a reflection of you, they are your ambassadors. You could be a very efficient manager but if you have workers who are not qualified this will make your work twice harder. You should only hire the best employees to work for you. What are some of the qualities you should look for? Experience, diligence, personality and ability to work under pressure are great traits. Constantly monitor your workers and ensure that they are efficient, prompt, and not stealing time by taking long breaks.

Step 2

Background checks
The abuse of drugs at work has become a real menace to many employers; it is wise to have tests done on them before you hire them. Also look at their criminal background because you do now want to employ thieves. Hospitality management is an all round job and you have to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Step 3

Staff motivation
Hospitality management also entails motivating your staff. Employees thrive and perform well if their work is appreciated and if they feel accepted. Your staff will perform better if they know that they are valued and that they bring something to the table. Do not constantly make harsh remarks by telling them they can easily be replaced.

Step 4

If your workers do a good job, give them your approval and thank them for their hard work. Another hospitality management tip to offer incentives to excellent workers who go the extra mile to get the job done. This will give them the motivation and zeal to work even harder.

Step 5

Communication is a great hospitality management tool. You must create avenues where your workers can communicate to you and share their concerns. Again, this will make them feel valued and appreciated. It is also important to keep the owners updated on what is going on.

Step 6

Make a point of giving regular feedback on the operations and any issues you may have. This shows that you are a competent manager and that you have hospitality management expertise. It is also prudent to consult on major issues, to avoid friction in the future.

Step 7

Time management
Timing is everything when it comes to hospitality management. No one likes to be kept waiting when they make an order. Have work schedules and ensure that you workers adhere to them, you should lead by example, be at work when you are supposed to and you workers will follow suit.

Step 8

As a manger, you should invest in your workers by organizing training programs which can help increase their skills and make them more efficient. This may cost you but the rewards outweigh the costs incurred. Hospitality management should also be centered on improving the skills of your workers.


The above hospitality management tips will come in handy if followed to the letter.

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