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What You Need To Know About Windows Management


We live in an age of computers and technology. Everything, from the public sector to private sector, from financial analysis to economic analysis, from personal use to professional use, all make the use of computers. Also, most of the computers run on the Microsoft Windows operating system because it’s user-friendly and provides wide array of facilities that has allowed Microsoft Windows to surpass every other operating system. Windows management is a part of Microsoft Windows operating system. It is a set of extensions to Windows Driver Model, and provides an operating system interface.


Windows management has been there ever since Microsoft developed its first operating system. Windows management instrumentation allows scripting languages to manage Microsoft windows personal computers and servers, both. For this reason the installation of windows management has always been essential for Microsoft’s operating systems, and it has always been preinstalled in every version of windows, after Windows 2000, produced by Microsoft. For Windows 95, 98 and NT, windows management is available as a download. The software was first provided in Windows XP.


Windows management is essential because allows management information and controls program in an enterprise setting. The software is important because it maintains the security and stability of the operating system. It also allows smooth running of the operating system. Windows management runs simultaneously from Network Service, Local System, and Local Service. The software can be located in the systems32 in the operating system. The software is very important and is based on the Web-Based Enterprise Management and Common Information Model industrial standards. Service provider of windows management can be used in a wide array of windows based applications. The developers of the software apply the wmiprvse.exe as a database to invent applications. These applications are installed as monitoring appliances. These monitoring tools are used to offer authentic information to users. They are also used to notify the users regarding any critical changes to an application or any critical changes within the network. Another purpose of windows management is that it can track desktop system details. Windows management can also execute operations or obtain information in a wide range of languages. Any programmer, or individual doing major in computer sciences, uses windows management when doing C or C++ programming, or when scripting languages and dealing with Microsoft ActiveX.

Tips and comments

Windows management is very crucial for the operating system, but it is also vulnerable to viruses and malware. So it’s essential that you keep a track on the software and ensure that it’s not corrupt. If windows management is running from a different location other than system32, then there’s a high probability that the software is infected by a Trojan or virus. Because most of the malwares come under disguise of windows management, it’s not easy to detect the malware. But by doing a check on all the running processes, one can detect the threat and remove it. Worst case scenario would be that the computer might crash by giving a system error. In such a case, it’s important to use an antivirus software first, which will remove the threat and then you can reboot your operating system.

By Rahma Hasan, published at 04/04/2012
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