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Tips And Ideas For Management Software Project


Management of software projects is not as simple to do or not to do thing but numerous studies have revealed that most of the projects are over budgeted, poorly comply with the schedule and most of the time not according to the needs of the customers and hence unsatisfactory for customer requirements. Therefore there are some vital fundamental issues which need to be carefully solved with before management software project can be done satisfactorily.

Step 1

This is not just a ‘to do list’ but infact it will essentially help the business manager to have a check list to monitor management software project and perform high level planning. It is not black magic thing but guidance and idea for your expectation and what to respond to.

Step 2

Firstly keep in mind that software development is not manufacturing as in a factory if you need increase in production level you increase the assembly lines and you also know the outcomes and can guard against defects but in case of management software projects you must know that initially the requirements are of functional level and not of implementation level as it is essentially a discovery process. In this case essentially you should know what to do and how to do it is not that you will add additional staff and the schedule can be met here the more unfamiliar the staff will be the more time and effort will be wasted.

Step 3

In case of management software projects development there are not linear relationships between schedule and cost. There is an optimal level of staff and schedule is needed and in case schedule is shortened the staff will not be able to complete their management software project with same efficiency and desired results cannot be obtained. As this will degrade the level of quality as demanded by the customer due to increase in communication complexities and reduced testing of the management software project. So estimation should be done accurately.


In order to have a picture of the management software projects which show how efficiently and effectively a company develops projects, the company must record the schedule, cost and quality data because the key to success of management software project is that you use your own data for comparisons. When working on the management software project never go too much in detail just have answers to some vital questions such as what are the intelligent estimations for the project, what are the cost, schedule and quality constraints and how well we can staff the project.


After having committed the management software project always look out for changes in early stages because a management software project needs a very tight balance of staff, task and time so any change in latter stage will cause much of rework and will incur additional cost for the management software project. Always plan and monitor the software project as its planning is vital. Only estimation is not enough as it undermines size of the management software project and the productivity of the managing staff. Finally measure the performance of the management project software because it requires more than just coding.

By John, published at 02/12/2012
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